MOBILE: High Noon

Developer : Happylatte
Price : Free with in app purchases
OS : iOS
Type : FPS dueling
Recommended : Yes

Street Duels Western Style

High Noon is a mobile PvP gamer’s paradise. You head into the wild west and gun down friends and other players in the dusty streets. It is a mobile MMO of sorts where there is no story.  This is a twitch based multiplayer game for mobile devices that’ll test your reflexes against others from across the world.  I thought it was pretty cool to see some of the other player’s names in their native script.  The graphics are stylized, and just OK.  That shouldn’t stop you from trying this game though.

High Noon Is A Straight Shooter

The gameplay is simple. You challenge other players (specifically or at random) to wild west style duels. There is no environment to explore, the game is strictly a series of match queues.  When a match is made, you get audible cues as instructions. You flip the device over, and when you hear the next cue, it’s time to open fire! Flip your device up, and gun down your opponent the old fashioned way! I play this on my iPad 3rd gen, but I suspect iPhones are better suited.

The currency scheme is pretty straight forward.  There are two kinds of currency; wampum and gold.  Wampum is bought with real money, OR it can be earned in the app.  You can go the theater to watch in-game ads, download other apps, or accept offers from various affiliates. I found the theater to be a helpful feature, but it was down when I checked back recently.  Wampum starts at $5 for 300 and on up to $99.99 for 20,000.  As with other games, you can change your look and weapons as you progress in level.  Once you unlock something though, you have to purchase it with in-game currency.  There are some items that can only be purchased with wampum.

There is kind of a daily limit to duels if you don’t make in game purchases.  Each duel, or other action, takes one energy.  You start with 10 energy, but you regain energy after a certain period of time.  The first energy unit recovers after 15 minutes, the next is 25 minutes, and so on.  You can buy an item for 10 wampum that completely refills your energy bar, to give you an idea.

Perfect For Small Chunks Of Time

If you’re just looking to kill a few minutes, this is THE app for you.  I can certainly play until I hit my limit without buying anything. If you don’t mind paying real money, or dealing with the hassle of earning wampum the hard way, the replay value is probably pretty high.

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