Picking Up Old Games

I started playing World of Tanks when I quit World of Warcraft back in July/August of 2011.  When Star Wars: The Old Republic came out in December 2011, it fell to the wayside.  I’ve started playing again after watching a video of the American tank tree revision.  So far, so good.  It’s holding my interest.

What Is World of Tanks?

I thought a video would be helpful in case you haven’t heard of it, seen it, or played it.  It’s been out for a while, but that’s never stopped anyone from making a YouTube video.  Myself included.

I could really use some feedback on the video.  Does it show the right things?  Audio loud/clear enough?  Does it answer all the questions you ask yourself when deciding to try a game?  Anything you can think of would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Feel like adding something?

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