MOBILE: Six-Guns

Developer : Gameloft
Price : Free with in app purchases
OS : iOS, Android
Type : Shooter
Recommended : No

A Wild West Mobile Experience

Six-guns is Red Dead Redemption for mobile devices.  Just without the amazing story.  Yes, it’s another western shooter game.  Westerns have been growing on me lately, but usually i’m not a fan.  This game has single player and multiplayer modes.  The singleplayer is ok as a timekiller, but I won’t get much into that ’cause the PvP is all that matters.  Your driving force is getting better gear: guns, clothes, and of course horses.  It is twitch based, so you’ll need some good reflexes to survive the multiplayer capture the flag arena.  The graphics are amazing, but I found the controls and the PvP to be a little lacking.

The Cash Shop Puts A Bullet In It

I have a small nitpick about the controls.  It really wasn’t terrible, but it felt just a tad awkward.  You have to move with your left hand, then target with your right hand, then zoom in with your left, and fire with your right.  A little muscle memory will surely help, but it still seems unwieldy.

The multiplayer mode is a capture the flag arena, and is stunningly terrible.  Read as Pay to Win.  If you pay the $7-$30 to get a weapon, it might be okay.  I was getting one-shot, meanwhile unloading a full six rounds into my opponents head did nothing.  I can’t recommend a game that puts out more powerful equipment in a cash shop, and doesn’t offer the ‘average’ gamer a way to obtain the gear.  A balancing mechanism could potentially work, but cash as the sole determining factor is never acceptable.

The currency in game is stars, as in a sheriff’s badge.  They run you $1.99 for 10, or $49.99 for 700.  You can buy gear individually, or pay upwards of $99.99 for a pack with everything you need, including a horse to ride on.  Experience and health boosts are also available.  There are alternate weapons available for gold, which is your standard currency.  Not the same weapons you buy with stars, but hopefully comparable.  I’d be willing to try a game that was pay to play, but not one with terrible controls too.  A quick glance at the stats says they’re comparable, but not everything on paper turns out as well in reality.

It Can Work If You Throw Money At It

The game works with Game Center, but there isn’t any massive player organization with guilds or anything like that.  The obligatory friend option is available.  The graphics in this game are great.  If you’re willing to spend the money, it could be a lot of fun.  I recommend you try it for a while first to make sure you can get along with the controls.

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