Gaming in 2013

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the games I am currently playing.  This week i’m going over the games i’m looking forward to in the coming year.  Not a lot of concrete release dates, but some of them are offering some really innovative features.

DEFIANCE Refuses To Release After April

Yes, it’s meant to be all caps.  This is the game I mentioned a while back that is coinciding with a T.V. series coming out for the SyFy channel.  Both Defiance the game and Defiance the TV series are scheduled for April 2nd.  It’s a third person shooter type MMORPG.  It’s going to be available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation 3 platforms.  I’ll be looking at the PC version, but the PS3 is also an option.

All Quiet On The End of Nations Front

With the big announcement that Trion Worlds was taking over the End of Nations project from Petroglyph, I think it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a lull in the game’s development.  I thought the beta event I got to play in went pretty well, but apparently someone things there’s a need for drastic improvement.  Their webpage has nothing new, their Twitter feed is quiet, and Facebook has nothing in over a month now.  Trion Worlds seems to be genuinely interested in making good games, so i’m content to wait while they reorganize and regroup.

Repopulation Multiplies News

Repopulation has picked up the pace of its news.  I got an email the other day that let me know I could sign up for more-often-than-monthly updates.  You can read my bit about Repopulation here.  So far no change on the 2013 release window, and their beta is going to be starting soon.

Expect The Unexpected

Who knows what surprises there could be in 2013?  Not to mention any mobile titles which generally don’t have the same kind of hype build up as general PC titles.  Are you following any of the games I mentioned?  Are you looking at any others?

Feel like adding something?

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