State of the Game, March 2013

A Regular Checkup

From time to time, I like to stop and evaluate my time in games.  I want to make sure I’m playing a game for fun, and not just to keep up with the gear grind or some other un-fun reason.  I don’t know how regularly I will do this.  I want to say monthly, but I don’t want to have little or nothing to talk about.  We’ll see.  Feel free to skip over the games you aren’t interested in.

World of Tanks

Topping the played time charts for me lately has been World of Tanks.  I joined a new clan a while back called 63rd Armored Devils or [PDL].  They changed the name after a guild split, but changing the tag costs gold (Real money)  They’re really a great bunch, and they’ve taught me a lot.  They have players from across the world, and of all ages.  They do participate in Clan Wars (Ranked Play) and have won far more games than they have lost.  I’m working towards my first tier 10 tank, and can’t wait to join in.  They haven’t set up any lower tier Clan Wars, but I have gotten to run in lots of medium tank companies (mid-tier unranked play).  Team play is what keeps me playing, so these are what I look forward to most.

As for me personally, as mentioned, I’m still working towards my first tier 10 tank.  There’s a lot of xp between me and my first tier 8 tank right now.   Tier 8 tanks are going to be very expensive too.  Lately I have been buying modules for the tank lines I want to stay with.  Three modules are just as pricey as the tanks themselves to this point, so it’s a challenge managing my credit balance between these modules and new tanks. I’m strongly considering buying premium access for a month or two.  This will really help on both the credit and xp fronts.

Choosing three lines is still troublesome.  I’ve done pretty spectacular with my artillery, and have decided to stay with it.  I am over 60% wins in my M41.  I’m also continuing down the tank destroyer line.  Right now I’m working on the T-25/2.  I have all the upgrades except for the gun.  Fory third tank, I’ve decided to try out light tanks (scouting).  I’ve had moderate success with the T-71.  It’s pretty frustrating for me.  I either die super early in the match, or do decently well only to lose the match anyway.  I’m within just a few games of a 50% win ratio.  Meanwhile, I finished upgrading my T-29.  I’ve also pulled myself from the 30% range to 41% win ratio.  I decided to put my heavy line on hold because of my tendency to want to rush in.  Moving up with the T29 and maintaining with the T71 has me second guessing my decision to put a hold on my heavy line.  Something to keep an eye on.  I’m in no danger of moving into any tier 8 tank anytime soon, so I have time to evaluate.

Still not buying consumables or gold rounds for lack of credits.  Again, premium may be the answer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Finding out this game wasn’t as bad as all the hype has been almost as good as Christmas.  Not really, but it’s been amazing.  A true diamond in the rough.  A few of my old friends still play, and I’m slowly making new ones.

I’ve spent most of my time doing dailies and warzones.  Dailies for the credits to buy unlocks, and warzones for fun and gear upgrades.  The upgrade part I have found very odd though.  The Elite War hero gear doesn’t appear to be a clear upgrade.  Some of the offset pieces are clear upgrades (relics, belt, bracers, etc), but most of the main set pieces appear to be neutral or extremely close.  So close that I’m not sure it’s worth my the.

I have all the unlocks I need right now.  I’m looking at more purely for convenience sake though.  I’m also buying a lot of legacy perks, and vanity items.  My gear seems more than enough for warzones, and I am working towards my two relics.  These are my last clear upgrades, and I’ll have to start evaluating the rest.

Guild Wars 2

All I’ve really been doing is joining WvW.  I group up with any guild mates on and get our/my daily done.  This generally lasts 1-2 hours.  I’m trying to get enough laurels for the ascended gear.

I’m really looking forward to the end of Culling on the 26th.  I’m also intrigued by the promise of leaderboards for WvW and sPvP.  I tried a little sPvP recently with an iteration of my Squad Commander build.  I did really well, and will be reporting back once I get around to another session.  I want to see if it needs any tweaking.  Also saw a mention of future sPvP dailies rewarding laurels.  I wish this was already implemented.  Playing however you want has been a cornerstone of this game.  Arenanet seems to be a little slow on the delivery, but they are delivering.

Last thing I want to mention about Guild Wars 2 is their new content delivery schedule.  Whenever it’s ready, as opposed to bundling it together with a big patch update.  I fully support this, and hope to see it in action soon.

Other Games

I’ve decided to put Planetside 2 on hold.  The games I have now are keeping me busy enough, and I don’t have many friends playing it anyway.

Defiance will be out soon, and while I’m still keeping an eye on it from afar, I won’t be playing at launch.  I fully support the trans-media idea, and wish it well, but I have enough on my plate.  I also never got an answer when I asked if we would be able to view the show online.  I have a crazy work schedule that does not allow me to follow a weekly TV schedule.  If I can’t watch it online, I don’t watch it at all.  This has been the biggest reason I haven’t gotten excited about this game.  I’ll still watch the show though.  If I can.

End of Nations is still quiet, as well as World of Warships.  These are the two games I am anticipating the most right now.  Firefall seems pretty close to launch, though I won’t be playing most likely.  The developers seem like good people though, so I still fully support the game.  Repopulation seems to be moving right along as well.

Wrapping It Up

I’m working on some more in-depth guides to Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Tanks.  I plan to start working on some for Guild Wars 2 as well, although I have already put out a host of those.  I’d also like to do a little streaming of some PvP.

That’s the plan, anyway.

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