I Really Want To Like SWTOR

I returned to Star Wars: The Old Republic as a free account in February, 2013.  I was very happy with the game.  The bad press it had been getting was not at all deserved.  Months went by, I was having fun, and getting friends new and old to play the game.  Then in May 2013 I learned there would be no PvP content or combat balance updates until patch 2.4 in October 2013.  The 2.4 patch was presented as the PvP patch.    I lost some interest in the game, but still trudged on, albeit less than before.  It’s free, after all.  It’s hard to complain about a free game you’ve never put a dime into.

In the meantime, warzone arenas and the beginning of season one ranked warzones are announced.  Suddenly, news of two new operations being added to 2.4 comes along.  Two giant chunks of PvE content in a PvP patch?  The community dubbed ‘PvP patch’ is now titled ‘The Dread War’.  The PvP content is slowly becoming less of a focus, being marginalized more and more.

Fast forwarding again to August, 2013.  They drop combat balance from the 2.4 patch.  The good news about lifting the 5 warzones weekly restriction is announced for the 2.4 patch.  This up and down rollercoaster is starting to get frustrating.

Here comes September.  Now, season one of ranked warzones is postponed.  But!  PvP leaderboards are coming!  By the way, remember that 5 warzone restriction thing?  Yeah it’s going to be around for a little while longer.  Nothing in the patch notes, and a helpful redditor points out the dev blog mentions warzone restrictions removal is ‘on the horizon’.

My head is hitting the internet e-desk.

Update 10/04/2013: You can apparently get into normal arenas with a duo queue.  That’s a plus.

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