Wintersday Event Epiphany

I love me some Wintersday.  I especially like the Toypocalypse activity for some reason.  In short, you have to defend the dolyaks carrying presents in the middle of the map by using mini-siege weapons, and snowmen.  Ten waves of enemies, with a champion (boss) fight at the end of every other wave.  Up until today i’ve struggled with this activity.  Died lots, failed some, and gone through a ton of defensive strategies.  Until today.

Toypocalypse Survivor Strategy

I call this the Toypocalypse ‘Build in Place’ strategy.  It’s just as simple as it sounds.  When you wreck trees or buildings, and find scraps, build catapults right there.  Don’t run to the middle, don’t worry about perfect placement, just build it where you find it.  You save tons and tons of time spent running all the way, and all the way back.  You can mix in some ballistas too if you want, as well as snowmen.  When a catapult (or snowman, ballista) gets low in health, you drop an upgrade in it to heal it to full, as well as increase the damage.  It’s really such a simple way to beat Toypocalypse that I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before today.

This wasn’t a strategy I came up with.  Another member in our party started doing it, and I saw this and was just like…“Woah.”



Needless to say, the dying was minimal, and the success was all but guaranteed.  I think by round 8 we could have just sat back and did nothing.  So if you’re having trouble getting the Toypocalypse Survivor achievement, give the ‘Build in Place’ Typocalypse strategy a shot.  Be sure to pass this Toypocalypse tip on to your friends too.

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