• The cooldown on Koigran Turn, Snap Turn, and Retro Thrusters has been increased.
  • The Power cost of Power Dive has been reduced.
  • The cooldown and Power cost of Barrel Roll has been increased.
  • Upgrades relating to the cooldown times and Power costs of these abilities have been rebalanced to account for the changes.
  • Missile lock breaking effects will now consistently evade Cluster Missiles with the “Double Volley” upgrade.
  • Shield Projector’s visual effects now show up properly on all ships in the ability’s radius.
  • Icons for EMP Field’s accuracy debuff and Sensor debuff now show up on affected targets

Ships + Hangar

  • Two new Scout ships, the Spearpoint and the S-SC4 Bloodmark have been added. These support ships have access to new components designed to improve the effectiveness your squadron:
  • Combat Command – This sytem component increases weapon accuracy and power generation for all nearby allies (including yourself)
  • Tensor Field – This system component increases the speed and turning rate of all nearby allies.
  • These ships can also equip a Repair Drone as their shield. (Identical to the Repair Drone found on the Bomber)
  • Two new Strike Fighters, the FT-7B Clarion and the FT-3C Imperium have been added. These command ships only have one primary and secondary weapon, but have system components that improve the effectiveness of your allies:
  • Combat Command – Increases weapon accuracy and power generation for all nearby allies (including yourself)
  • Repair Probes – Attaches a repair probe to all nearby allied ships, which will slowly restore hull over 20 seconds.
  • Remote Slicing – Transmits a slicing code that disables a ship’s system ability, and slowly drains shield power, making the ship vulnerable to your allies.

Component + Crew

  • The Dustmaker, Comet Breaker, and Demolisher gunships can now equip Thermite Torpedoes.
  • Missile Sentry Drone concussion missiles and Seeker Mines will no longer be launched at ships that are immune to missile locks.
  • EMP Field’s “Missile Lock Immunity” upgrade will now cancel in-progress missile locks when it is activated.

Items + Economy

  • Warzone & Ranked PvP gear vendors have had their items updated:
  • Ranked Warzone Vendors now sell the new Berserker gear.
  • Warzone Vendors now sell Obroan gear.
  • Dread Touched Gear now drops from Nightmare Mode bosses.
  • Dreadforged Gear is now craftable.
  • New Legacy Offhands are now available from the Gree Reputation Vendor.
  • A new “Galactic Starfighter” category has been added to the GTN. All Starfighter ship unlocks and customization unlocks have been moved into this new category.

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