Introducing The Warcast

Warcast – The Podcast For Constant Warfare

Presenting the first episode of The Warcast, a NEW podcast for Constant Warfare.  Technically, it’s not a podcast yet because it’s on YouTube, but, y’know…

I’ll be joined by some longtime friends each episode to talk about online gaming.  The first episode ran a little long, but future episodes should be shorter.  It’s our first episode, so there are a few mistakes.  Don’t worry, we’ll have it down to a science by episode 177.

First Warcast Episode

In our first episode we talk mostly about Galactic Starfighter, the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion.  Battle records, queues, and rewards.  There’s a scattering of other stuff too.  Enjoy, and let us know in the comments what you’d like to hear about in the next episode.

Feel like adding something?