Galactic Starfighter Details

Information Gathering On Galactic Starfighter

Each week I try to provide something useful, and this week it’s a little obscure as to how useful it actually is.  I’ve compiled some information that I thought might be helpful for anyone trying to put together their own builds, or just generally curious about the final scoreboard.  First up is a list of all the companions, and their counterparts on each faction.  One thing I noticed is their co-pilot abilities are not the same, but their passive abilities are.  I have a running theory that this could explain why Republic pilots are doing so much better.

Next up is a list of all the medals you can get in Galactic Starfighter.  Not sure how useful it is for anyone, but I was always curious.  If you are perusing your achievements, it might be a little helpful.  You can see what you need to do to reach those achievement goals.

Feel like adding something?