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I’ve put out a lot of stuff for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Galactic Starfighter lately.  There are other games out there on the horizon that look interesting, and I want to put those on everyone’s radar.  No matter how good a game is, if you don’t know about it, you won’t try it.  All the links open in another window, so feel free to click as you go if you see something interesting.  So if you’re GSF’d out, here’s a break.  But not a long one…


Archeage is slated to release at the end of this year.  It is a full fledged MMORPG that is already popular in South Korea. It has been adapted for Western audiences by Trion Worlds and will release as a free to play game.  It’s set in a Medieval/Victorian time period, and has a lot of the same features that made Star Wars Galaxies memorable to me.  It has a three tiered crafting system: Gatherers to collect the materials, refiners to turn it into a usable resource, and producers that make a final product.  It promises a large, open world.  That means minimal loading screens, and lots to explore.  There will also be player housing to drop in this wide, open world.  Finally, the biggest draw for me is the promise of open world naval PvP combat.  Nobody has done open water PvP before.  I saw a brief glimpse on a dev stream once, and it looked like fun.  The game is in alpha now, so you can go sign up.  You can even buy founders packages and get guaranteed access.

Star Citizen

Technically, Star Citizen won’t release until the end of 2015, BUT, it is slowly building up with smaller release modules.  Star Citizen is a flight-simulation type space MMOR PG that more or less follows the vision of the old Wing Commander games story wise.  There will also be FPS style combat outside of ships.  This game also boasts an open world that really, really seems like a home run.  New star systems will be created regularly, and named for the player that discovers them.  All on one server, so there’s no population problems to worry with.  It’s that wide open of a game.  Right now you can view your ships in the hangar module, and the dog-fighting module where you can enjoy free space flight will be released later this month.  While it is a buy-and-play game(Like Guild Wars 2), to get into the module release schedules you can buy various packages of a surprisingly wide variety of ships.  I plan on picking up a pack in June, depending on how extensive the dogfighting module is.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs looks really interesting as well.  It appears to be a deep thinker/fast thinker kind of game.  You use your smartphone to hack into anything that’s connected to the internet in a high tech game of chess.  Use security cameras, stop lights, 911, etc to stop your opponent(s).  I’m tempted to try it out, or wait until the first discount sale.  It’s multiplayer on a smaller scale, and i’m not sure about the potential for teamwork (which is big for me in MMOs).  There is also going to be a companion app for Android where you can play the role of the Police on your mobile device, and try and catch your friends playing from their desktop/console.  This is the most interesting part to me.  Watch Dogs can be preordered now, and releases this month (on consoles also) if you’re interested(Amazon affiliate links).

Others Worth Brief Mention

Blizzard is coming out with a sort-of-MOBA called Heroes of the Storm.  Anything Blizzard touches turns to gold as far as i’m concerned.  I’ve seen gameplay of it, and am signed up for the beta test as well.  It should release sometime this year.  Transformers Universe is now in beta as well, and is advertised as a tactical MOBA, meaning the gameplay should be more thought provoking than your standard MOBA.  So these are my picks for the year.  What games are you looking at this year?  Post them in the comments below so we can all check them out.

2 thoughts on “Game Releases In 2014”
  1. Archeage is one that I’m really interested in playing. Although not coming out for sometime, I also have my eye on The Repopulation, but until then Archeage is definitely one I’m looking forward to.

    1. I was looking into Repopulation also until I found they were using the Hero engine. I don’t really want to invest in another MMO with all the technical issues SWTOR has. I’d rather take a chance on Star Citizen or Camelot Unchained (Which should release around the same time next year as Repopulation). Repopulation also reminds me a lot of Star Wars Galaxies. I might give it a shot when it releases, who knows.

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