How To Kill BombersGSF Bantha

There are a lot of complaints about bombers out there. Forums, in-game, and even podcasts. Specifically, they mention the SIM bomber build, or, Seismic Interdiction Mine build. I don’t use this build, but i’ve seen it in action. I don’t see it as anything special. In fact, I have no problems with bombers at all.  I’ve already given some tips for using bombers.  Below i’m going to outline how you can successfully kill bombers.

Strikes and Bombers

The best ships to counter bombers are strike fighters and other bombers. Strike fighters make extensive use of missiles. These missiles can be fired from outside a bomber’s mine and blaster range. Proton Torpedoes and Thermite Missiles are especially effective because they can be fired from even further out.


You first option as a scout is to go away.  Leave bombers to the other ships on your team.  A properly equipped NovaDive/Blackbolt could handle bombers, but you will need to build specifically for it. Take all the EMP abilities you can, and add rocket pods. Otherwise, there are two ways a scout can handle a bomber. One is scout specific, and the other is effective for all ships.

The most effective way is by staying within 500m of the bomber’s rear. This will require some skillful accuracy and maneuvering on your part.  You’ll need to destroy deployed mines, as well as keep that 500m distance. Fall too far back, and you’ll be eating explosions. Push too far forward, and you’re going to miss completely. It takes careful balancing, but you can really tear apart a bomber like this.

Generic Anti-Bomber Strategy

The easiest way to kill a bomber is to dive to the bottom of a satellite, turn up and shoot. You should have a clear field of fire if they bomber is just circling the satellite. This is perfect for missile locks and blaster fire. If they pop over the top, your gunships should be able to nail them. If they stay under the bottom, it’s kill secured for you. Win-win.

Bomber Balance

If someone says bombers are overpowered, I’m willing to bet they use a particular ship type.   So far everyone i’ve asked has given the same answer.  As an experiment, post which ship type you think is the culprit in the comments.  Then, when you see someone fussing about bombers, ask them: “What is your main ship?”  Come back and post your results in the comments too.

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