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I’m still loving GSF.  I’ve traveled to 5 servers now in search of the best one.  Most recently i’ve landed on the Harbinger and after roughly half a night, it looks promising.  Ebon Hawk has a lot of quick queues, but not a lot of premades.  Jedi Covenant has decent queues. Jung Ma queues are slow, and Prophecy of the Five (Pot5) is pretty similar. It’s horrible starting over new each time, but finding the right server could be worth it. On to what you came to read now…

Stealth Ships Won’t Appear

Get it?  Stealth?  Won’t appear?  Anyway, the biggest news is the Infiltrator class ship has been delayed indefinitely.  I really dislike stealth mechanics simply because it is really hard to balance for PvP.  I played my fair share of Feral Druid, and while fun for me, wasn’t so much for others.  I also really dislike stealth mechanics because it doesn’t fit Star Wars for me.  Can you recall a particularly spectacular stealth battle?  If you can, was it really a stealth battle then?  The ships are what drew me to Star Wars to begin with.  Ships disappearing and reappearing just don’t fit in my vision.

PTS Patch Notes

The patch notes on the PTS are really brief.  I expect they will expand, so watch my Facebook & Twitter feeds.  I’ll announce when i’ve updated this post.


  • Spawn locations are now chosen randomly for players by default. Players can override this from the Map screen by manually selecting a spawn location.

Ships + Hangar

  • A new Gunship variant has been added! The SGS-S1 Condor (Republic) and GSS-4Y Jurgoran (Empire) are now available via Fleet Requisition. These Skirmisher Gunships are a more up-close-and-personal Gunship with a Railgun and Missile-focused loadout, including an option for the new Interdiction Missile.
  • A new Bomber variant has been added! The Sledgehammer (Republic) and B-5 Decimus (Empire) are now available via Fleet Requisition. These Assault Bombers are heavily armored Bombers that are best in the thick of the battle, and are able to deploy Drones or Mines for maximum effectiveness.

New Bomber And Gunship

sledgehammerthumbnail condorthumbnail

decimusthumbnail jurgoranthumbnail

  • The Gunships appear to be a mix of sniping and dogfighting.  Sniping from far out with the slug gun, but able to take care of business when a scout closes on you.
  • The Bomber also appears to be a bit of a dogfighter as well.  While the original bombers soak up lots of damage, this one appears to be more mobile.  Drop your mines, and fly around like a scout.

New Gunship and Bomber Components

2.8 Gunship 2.8 Update Bomber

Components + Crew

  • Interdiction Mine damage has been increased, but no longer has Shield Piercing.
  • Feedback Shield’s damage has been increased and now correctly activates off of Primary Weapon attacks.
  • Buffed Fortress Shield to increase shield strength by 130%.
  • The Korrigan Turn is now unlockable on the Jurgoran Gunship.
  • The GSS-4Y Jurgoran and the SGS-S1 Condor can now properly upgrade their Retro Thrusters.

Your GSF Experience

I’m pretty content with what’s planned for GSF. Tell me what you think about this whole 2.8 update. Are you looking forward to these new ships? What kind of experience are you having in GSF? Will you miss the Infiltrator ships, or are you happy with what’s already out there? Your turn to talk.

4 thoughts on “Galactic Starfighter In Update 2.8”
  1. Great as usual…..what server did you pick to stay on. I might change so I would be able to maybe learn directly from you…..us old guys take a bit of time (65) 🙂

    1. Harbinger is looking good, but I’m not sure if we’re all committed yet. I’ll be sure to mention if we settle somewhere. It’ll probably be in the form of a complaint about spending Cartel Coins to transfer again!

      For me though, it’s between Harbinger or Ebon Hawk. I met a lot of good people on Ebon Hawk in the past month. I’ve just started on the Harbinger. Have literally only met one person. I want to be very sure before I make anymore transfers.

      1. You should give the shadowlands a try! GSF is a blast over there and there is a good mix of casual as well as skilled and organized teams. If you roll pub send me (rôgue-ten) a message

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