GSF Going On Tour!

Make Or Break Time For GSF

Between Reddit, the official forums, and even in game, I see a lot of new players struggling with GSF.  There’s only one more week and the double rewards for GSF ends, and inevitably the number of people queuing will drop.  There is one last chance to build on the momentum of the double rewards event, and keep people queuing for GSF.  The best way I can think of is with a road trip!


Coming To A Server Near You

I’m going to make some time at the end of this week to come to different servers.  Your servers!  I’ll come to your server and answer questions, help with builds, and/or talk about anything GSF related that you want to.  If you just want someone to talk you through things, that’s fine too.  I can join voice chat servers or chat in game, your choice.  There’s a certain movie I want to see this weekend, so that night

Fine Print

I plan to visit 2-3 servers depending on demand.   The dates will be between June 26th – 29th after 12:00 EDT.  There’s a certain movie coming out I want to see, so that’s going to knock out one night (for many of us i’m sure).  Depending on how big of a response there is, I may make it to multiple servers.  I may need to start a group to answer questions in chat, or it could be just one on one.  I’m going to set aside at least an hour per night, again, depending on turnout.  Flying isn’t really on my agenda for this particular outing.  If I get a big response though, I will arrange a ‘Flight Night’ road trip in the future.  Both NA and EU servers are fine.

How It Works

If you want help, just post your server name and preferred date and time (and your timezone so I can coordinate) in the comments below.  You can also Tweet me, or respond on Facebook.  EU players, don’t worry about the time difference.  I have a crazy schedule this weekend, so I can probably even fit you in before I hit the movies.  As the comments start rolling in, i’ll start coordinating things.

Whether you are just starting, or still struggling with GSF, i’m here to help.  You just have to ask.

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