Star Citizen Picking Up Speed

A Star Citizen Milestone

After some delays, Star Citizen has released its Dog Fighter Module, now called Arena Commander. I consider this the first big step because the previous module, the hangar module, was just a ship parked in a hangar bay. As cool as it looks, it’s not a tangible step towards what Star Citizen has really touted so far. Arena Commander however, is another story.

The Hangar Module

The hangar module is a virtual showroom.  You can view the ship you purchased, but some are not in the game, and some are not finished on the inside.  It’s a very basic first step.  To get the hangar module, you’ll need to buy one of the ship packages.  I picked up the Avenger package, which you can check out in the video below.

The Avenger Package Comes With
  • Aegis Dynamics Avenger (Ship)
  • Business Hangar (Hangar Module)
  • Starting Money: 2,000 UEC (In game currency)
  • Star Citizen Digital Download (The game itself)
  • Beta Access (duh)
  • 6 Month Insurance (6 month free repairs)
  • Squadron 42 Digital Download (Single Player Game)
  • Digital Star Map (also duh)
  • Digital Game Soundtrack (music)
  • Star Citizen Game Manual (also also duh)

Most packages come with similar contents.

What Arena Commander Is

Arena Commander is your first look at space combat in Star Citizen.  You will need to add the Arena Commander pass to any package in order to gain access to Arena Commander.   There are three modes available right now in Arena Commander. These modes are free flight, Vanduul Swarm, and Multiplayer. Free flight is just like it sounds. Nothing but you and open space, so you can learn the controls to your ship. Vanduul swarm pits you and a couple of NPC pilots against wave after wave of enemy Vanduul fighters.   The multiplayer isn’t open to everyone yet, but involves space PvP. They have already started rolling it out to the earliest backers.

The Avenger isn’t in Arena Commander yet, but should be the next ship added.

How To Get Into Star Citizen Now

Buying an Aurora package may be your best bet to get into this game now.  If you get the Aurora package, you can exchange the entire package on the Star Citizen website at no extra cost, or simply upgrade the ship to an Aurora variant, or a completely new ship. Considering Star Citizen will retail at the standard $59.99 new release box price, there are several packages that make this an amazing deal.  Just don’t forget to add the Arena Commander pass to your package.  Enough shilling though.  I’ve got some videos in the works now with some of the ships in the hangar module, and even some Arena Commander footage.  Tell me what you want to know about Star Citizen right now.  What do you need to know in order to decide whether to play, or not?  My next post will be a crash course guide to beginning Star Citizen.  Your questions will be very helpful.

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