Scout and Gunship Builds Available

This finishes up the scout builds! You can play these as harassers, or anti-satellite ships.  There’s one for both factions, the NovaDive and S-12 Blackbolt.  I got some help with these builds from Rumina of Jung Ma, so a special thanks to him.  Also thanks to my good buddy Leggogurl/Aimbot/Renegade-one, i’ve put together THE definitive guide for gunships.  This only applies to the Mangler and Quarrel.  As of the time of this post, the Dust Maker / Comet Breaker is not worth using.  I have started using a crazy double-missile build I might share later for fun.  Anyway, special thanks again to Leggobot-one and Tomeateejee (Nimaru/Rumina) for help with the builds.

Enjoy all the GSF festivities today folks!  New ships, double rewards, and bomber nerfs with the 2.8 patch!


(Republic) Quarrel   (Empire) Mangler

(Republic) NovaDive   (Empire) S-12 Blackbolt

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