The Wild Life : A Wildstar Journey

Exploring Wildstar

So, I kinda impulse-bought Wildstar in case you missed it.  I’m finding the questing pretty intolerable.  It’s a bare step above the classic World of Warcraft questing system.  The PvP, however, is pretty awesome.  You can level solely through PvP luckily, and that’s what i’ve been doing.  I’m not ready to recommend it, or not, but i’m still wanting to login and play.  I’ve also got a 7 day pass to give away for the NA servers.  Anyone looking to try out Wildstar, let me know.

The Wild Life

As I move along through the Wildstar universe, i’ll stop to smell the roses.  I’ll try and cover topics of interest as I come across them.  First up in episode one is the housing system.  I’ve put together a little video showing the very basics of the housing system.

Next up will be the PvP. It’s a little out or order techinically, because PvP starts at level 6 and housing at level 15. I made a mistake on the audio for the PvP video, so rather than hold things up, here you go. Anyway, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re interested in Wildstar. There’s more to come, I’ve got another couple weeks to decide whether I want to re-subscribe, or shell out the gold/platinum for C.R.E.D.D.  If you’ve got questions about Wildstar, ask.  I’ll be glad to help you decide whether you want to try, buy, or neither.

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