Guild Wars 2 Sorta Starts Charging For Content

The new ‘season’ of Guild Wars 2 content is bringing a bing change with it.  One of the biggest draws to Guild Wars 2 for me has been the buy-and-play model.  Buy the game, play free forever.  They add new content for free every two weeks.  The game makes its money off players buying gems, which they spend in the game store on cosmetics, XP boosters, and so on.  I like this type of monetization model.  The player assumes some of the risk, and the devs assume some as well.  Well, Guild Wars 2 is changing this model a little.

As new content rolls out every two weeks, players will have to log in during that period to unlock it for free.  If players miss the content, they’ll have to cough up 200 gems if they want to be able to come back to it on another character later.  Now this won’t be every piece of content, every two weeks.  Some content like the holiday events (Halloween, Christmas, etc) will not be new, and won’t need to be ‘unlocked’.  Still, I don’t like this precedent.  I understand a company needs to make money, but this just seems like a money grab.  Maybe the company is struggling for money, in which case it’s really not that bad of a deal.  Anyone who plays Guild Wars 2 regularly won’t be impacted.  Personally i’d rather see them slow down the content than start to charge for it like this.  I’ve always really liked, and have always recommended this game.  I’ll look a little differently at now, but I still recommend this game.  As long as you can log in every two weeks.

Great Watch Dogs Mobile Experience

I mentioned Watch Dogs in my upcoming games update.  Well i’ve tried on my iPad and Android several times, but each times I could never find a game.  My wife has had better luck, and gotten to play several times.  Finally, I got to play.  I was heading home (as a passenger), and was able to maintain a good connection on my Nexus 4.  I had a blast.

Watch Dogs Mobile CTOS

It was really fun, and I even managed to win!  That’s rare for me, winning my first game of anything.  I highly recommend you pick up the Watch Dogs app if you have an Apple or Android device.  It’s free to play, and easy to learn.  There are no microtransaction gotchas either.  I can’t recommend this enough.  I only wish the queue would pop more often!  I’d still like to get the actual Watch Dogs game, but it’s a bit rich for my blood right now.

Galaxies Colliding

I’m currently working on some Star Citizen and Wildstar stuff.  I’ll have another ship overview for Star Citizen, as well as some Arena Commander footage to show you what that’s like.  In Wildstar, i’m doing a series on the major parts of the game as I come across them.  I’m cleverly calling it The Wild Life.  I’ve got the first PvP battleground, followed by my amazing free house that still cost me money, but it was still cheap so I won’t whine too much more, and it looks kinda cool so i’ll stop now.

What do you think about the minor change to the Guild Wars 2 model?  Have you tried Watch Dogs, or the app?  Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Updates to Tyria, Chicago, and a Galaxy Near You!”
  1. Regarding GW2 and the new content. I actually like the option to *purchase* the new content. In Season 1 of the Living Story you were out of luck if you missed it. Now, we’re given the option of purchasing it for the low cost of 200 gems. If gems were only obtained by real currency, then I could see being a bit disappointed. However, seeing as how gems are also available by in-game currency, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Also, just the fact that they are offering players a chance to permanently have access to content that was unavailable before outside of the time in which it was originally set is HUGE. I see this as a very positive step in the right direction. Remember, it only costs money if you 1) Miss the period in which it launches, 2) Don’t want to spend in-game currency via grinding…

    1. I forgot that little detail. Although I can’t remember what the conversion rate is for gold to gems, I’m sure this will make gems a bit more expensive. I’m sure it’s minor if you play a lot anyway.

      Sometimes I type faster than I think. Good point.

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