Bioware Might Give Up On GSF, But Not Me!

Still The One

It’s not really all that dramatic, but it makes for fun writing.  I did log in today to play a game of GSF with a friend.  It was fun at least, even though we got accused of queuing in a premade like it was some bad thing.  There were really only two of us, but I think some people just need to complain, reason or not.  Anyway, keeping it upbeat, i’ve added a couple of builds to my GSF builds page.  The Starguard and Rycer Strike Fighters.  I have played them the least, which is why they’re coming out towards the end.  I still have the two newest ships too do, though i’ve only recently mastered them.  They’re coming soon though!  I’m still holding a candle for GSF. Even if it is only a tea light at this point.

Starguard (Republic)     Rycer (Sith)

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