Disappointments From Bioware

The Honeymoon Period Is Over

I’ve had a couple big disappointments from Bioware recently.  There have actually been more, but these are more the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.  SWTOR is my first and only Bioware game to date, so all my experiences relate directly to this game.  There is one other game though that I have already started having bad experiences with…

Galactic Starfighter Stalled

I was listening to Ootinicast recently (Great SWTOR podcast if you’re looking for one), and they did interviews with the community team.  One question posed to Eric Musco was about what was on the horizon for GSF.  The answer was ‘nothing’.  Nothing at all through the end of the year at the earliest.  That was really surprising given how they had talked about new game modes.  It was even more surprising given how they already nixed the stealth ship.  I’m guessing GSF isn’t very popular at all for Bioware to cut and run from it to this degree.  Sure, there could be more in the future, but no content for GSF for 6 months or more?  Not planning anything at all right now?  That’s really harsh to me.  It’s completely killed my desire to even log in anymore.  This is reminiscent of when they offered no PvP content for 10 months last year.  The writing has really been on the wall about PvP in SWTOR since they cancelled the cross server queues for ranked.  I’ve been going on hope ever since.  Think I just ran out of that.

Bioware Email Spam

I keep tight reigns on my personal email.  I hate getting spam.  HATE IT.  So when I got an e-mail from Bioware about being ‘Chosen’, I thought it was some kind of SWTOR content.  As we all know now, it wasn’t.  I hadn’t signed up to receive any email from Bioware except SWTOR, so I went and checked my preferences.  Sure enough, the generic Bioware info box and SWTOR were checked.  I opted out of the generic Bioware alerts and chalked it up to my forgetfulness.  Everything went though, and it said I was unsubscribed.

And then I got another ‘Chosen’ email.

I feel slapped in the face here.  I just told Bioware to send me only SWTOR emails, and the FIRST thing they send me is something completely unrelated to SWTOR.  I marked it as spam.  That really ticked me off.  I think i’ll just uncheck everything now since they can’t seem to follow simple directions.

UPDATE: I looked over my email a second time and noticed this gem at the bottom.  Talk about epic fail.

Developer Hate Rising

All of this piled on top of my recent debacle where I spent over 30,000 Cartel Coins on more than 5 hypercrates and failed to get a single walker.  None of my friends that bought packs or crates got one either.  After a little research, I discovered they had changed the way do things when it comes to cartel market packs.  The short version is, they shrank the size of the overall set, but made a higher percentage of the items rare, and kept the cost the same.  And since you only get one rare per pack, your chances of getting a particular rare is diluted.  You have to buy more packs than usual as the end result.

So is anyone else having trouble with Bioware?  Or is it just me?  Anyone else violated by the ‘Chosen’ spam?  Still logging into SWTOR regularly?  Tell me whether you think I’m overreacting, or not.

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7 Responses

  1. Shintar says:

    I can understand why these things are annoying, especially when they all happened to you in quick succession. Though I have limited sympathy in regards to the thing with the packs… I agree that it sucks for you, but I think that the very premise of trying to “win” at gambling that way (“if only I invest enough money, I must get the prize I want”), is not very wise.

    The GSF situation is kind of tricky. Regardless of how successful it was or is, introducing a new gameplay feature of that size always meant that, assuming that the available resources to produce content stay the same, some other area of the game was going to receive less attention and its fans were going to be ticked off. In fact, I was quite down on the game when GSF launched and received attention patch after patch, because I didn’t like it at all at the time! So it’s a bit of a catch-22 for Bioware, because no matter which part of the game they do give attention to, it’s going to be missed somewhere else. The upcoming housing expansion might soon present a similar problem. But does that mean that they should never introduce new features which might result in some part of the game not getting the attention it deserves? Maybe I’ll write a post about this subject myself, it’s food for thought for sure!

    • Traitine says:

      I take partial responsibility on the pack thing. The RNG system is really dumb. They used to use it in game for end game gearing until people complained enough. I just didn’t want to sub just to buy a walker with credits. I accept fully half of the responsibility.

      You’re right that not all content can get attention all the time. I also recently wrote about the opposite end of my argument, people complaining that GSF was a waste of resources. Maybe I’m being hypocritical, but I just felt like GSF was so small, and new, that they wouldn’t just drop it 4 months in. Even if it gets something in January, that puts it on a 6 month cadence. The same cadence people criticize(d) World of WarCraft for.

      I just really like GSF, and I’m actually really good at it. Hate to see it left adrift like this. Kinda feels like this is where the line is drawn to denote when ‘the good ole days’ were.

    • Kyp says:

      This is an inherent problem for all theme park MMOs. They have to continuously update and add in new content to keep the player base happy, but that new content also ends up diluting the player base across various game modes/types. Then you end up in this situation where there are not enough resources to update all of the game modes so some get left behind for a period of time and the player base who enjoys that one mode leave the game for a while.

      Because sandbox MMOs rely on player content this becomes less of an issue.

  2. Njessi says:

    I was also really REALLY annoyed by the chosen email, though I didn’t remember until reading your article that, you’re right, I didn’t sign up for generic bioware emails! Of course, I’m also too lazy to bother fixing it – but maybe that’s because I keep my gaming email separate from my personal email.

    • Traitine says:

      I found a beautiful screenshot to add after writing this. BEAUTIFUL. Stay tuned.

      Also, I’ve started using different emails too. That’s a good tip.

  3. brian17356 says:

    No, not over reacting. I to enjoy GSF even though I do terrible 🙂 to hear that it basically dead, and the fact you gain nothing from playing it ie; no armor; point, coins zip. I hope they re look at it, who wants a house in enemy territory?

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