How Galactic Strongholds Hooked Me

SWTOR’s Stronghold On Me

I’m not done with the puns, so hang tight!  Monday before the GSH expansion launched, I didn’t really care.  Sure, I was going to unlock all my strongholds.  I planned to throw some furniture around, grab a few super cool items, and then call it done.  That didn’t happen.  I’ve been hooked on GSH from the first minute.  I’ve spent probably 24+ hours just in GSH decorating, rearranging, and gathering new decor.  When i’m AFK, i’m not really AFK.  I’m actually keeping SWTOR up in the background to check my auctions, so I can take the credits to unlock more rooms and decorations.  Yes, I have a problem.  It’s embarrassing really.  I’m a PvPer!  Not an interior decorator!  I worry about damage and CC, not symmetry and lighting!  Ugh.

My Stronghold, The Starfighter Lounge

So you had to know I was going to do something  involving GSF.  If you didn’t, you’ve probably never visited this page before.  (If that’s true, make sure you look around before you leave!)  I have a fully unlocked Tatooine Stronghold.  Tatooine appears to be the least popular as there is rarely a full front page on the public listings.  First thing I did was hit up the Starfighter and PvP vendor on the fleet, and snagged every bit of GSF goodness I could.  And then I made a couple more trips because, well, strongholds are huge.  I’d like to do a YouTube video walk-through of my stronghold when i’m finished.  As of right now, it’s 67% done with a prestige score of 14,345.  And yes, it looks bad @$$.

Tips For Galactic Strongholds

Aside from getting scammed on the GTN for 3.8 million credits, I’ve kept my mistakes to a minimum.  Thanks for buggy GTN sorting Bioware.  Thanks so much.

Don’t Buy From The GTN

A lot of people are selling basic decor items on the GTN.  You can buy these MUCH cheaper off the basic decoration vendor you get from the GSH starting quest.  There are also some items you can get yourself for substantially less.  That leads me to the BEST GSH tip you can get so far.  The Republic Voss Embassy Sign and Imperial Voss Embassy Sign can be bought for 1 credit!  That’s right, just one credit!  Go to the Cartel Bazaar area, and up on stage with the Hutt where you buy the Cartel Market reputation items.  Look for the protocol droid, and buy 25 of them.  Then, log onto your alt on the other faction and buy 25 more.  There is currently a bug that doesn’t let you buy 50 Republic and 50 Imperial.  I kept them anyway in case they fix the bug.  Make sure you do this for each server/legacy!

All Decorations Not Created Equal

Watch your NPC decoration numbers.  For some reason, mounts, pets, companions, and personnel are all lumped into one category.  Don’t go nuts with the pets.  With all the little green hooks everywhere, it’ll be easy.  That’s my biggest complaint so far.  Don’t put Personnel and Pets, Mounts, and Companions all in different categories, but make them both count towards the same limit.  That’s just stupid.

Craft Prefabs.  Profit.

A lot of the decorations are bought by crafting prefabs.  Synthetic, Industrial, and Universal.  The decor pieces will go for 300k, 700k, or for whatever wild credit dream the seller had.  Meanwhile you can just buy the appropriate prefab for 50-70k, and have said item with less headache.  Kinda like that scene in Indiana Jones where the sword guy jumps out, twirls them around like a pro, and Indy just downs the guy with a single shot in less time than the swordsman’s dance.  You can be Indy by crafting prefabs.

On the flip side of that, prefabs are incredibly cheap to craft.  It’s been about 25-35k in my experience.  So if you want to make some credits, selling prefabs is a good idea.  If you’ve bought Cartel packs in the past, don’t forget to use your Jawa Scraps to get free mats from the Jawa peddlers in the Cartel Bazaar!

Long Distance Decorating

It’s a little tedious running around in editing mode.  If you’re on a mount, the noise can get aggravating, so I end up just running around.  Takes…forever…  Well, fear not, because you can decorate from across the room.  If you can click it, then you can stick it.  It’s not a huge tip, but it’ll save you some frustration for sure.

 Stronghold Plans

I plan to get my Tatooine Stronghold to 100% before I move on to the next stronghold.  I’m at 6/9 on Nar Shaddaa, 8/9 on Drommund Kaas, and 2/9 on Coruscant.  Haven’t decided what I want to unlock next.  Which brings me to asking you for a HUGE favor.  I’d like to see YOUR strongholds.  Even if it isn’t fully decked out yet. If you have a YouTube video walk-through of your stronghold, i’d like to see it.  Screenshots too.  I’ve taken to checking out at least one person’s stronghold every time I visit the fleet.  Leaving me  screenshots and videos of your stronghold, makes it so I never have to leave my stronghold!  I’d also like you to please pass this post on to your friends so they can leave their screenshots and videos too.

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2 Responses

  1. Mooftak says:

    Thanks for the tip on the voss banners! Now I have something to use besides imp/rep banners and boss portraits. Gotta get me some of those other signs at some point. Great post, a good read (good details, some but not too many pics, and a conversational manner). If you’re on jedi covenant, let me know, I’d love to see your place. The only house I have public atm is “Stillsnugglin’s stronghold” which is a coruscant house where I ran out of steam before getting upstairs (well, if you don’t count the balcony which has some stuff). It is fully unlocked though.

    • Traitine says:

      I actually leveled a trooper to 55 on Jedi Covenant. Spent some time there at 55 too, but eventually transferred to play with a friend – who subsequently quit playing. If I end up making a level 1 to check out strongholds, i’ll look for yours.

      Also, thanks for the feedback. Helps to know i’m doing it right.

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