Jump Into Galactic Strongholds Today!

Within the first hour of getting into GSH, I hit a 3.8 million credit speedbump.  In case you haven’t seen me raging on Twitter or Facebook, thanks to the GTN not sorting by unit price, when I did in fact click unit price, I bought some scammer’s (Ebentor, Ebon Hawk) overpriced crafting mats.  647,000 credits for an 1100 credit item.  That ticked me off.  So my budget was about 1/3 less than I had anticipated for GSH.  Also in case you were wondering, Bioware doesn’t offer any help in this situation.  With that in mind, I put together a guide for anyone new to Galactic Strongholds.  It’s probably a little helpful too if you’re already well into your Stronghold.  So check out the guide, leave me some feedback, and pass it on to new players and friends.

Also of less interest to you, but more to me, I completed decorating the Tatooine Stronghold.   Pylan’s Starfighter Lounge is open to the Ebon Hawk GSF pilots!  Hang out between queues and enjoy the amenities.  Mailbox, GTN, cargo, guild, and legacy banks.  There’s even a vendor for selling your leveling and questing loot.  Republic or Sith are welcome!  RPers are also welcome to use the place.  It’s huge, and decorated from front to back.  Please  use it if you’re on the Ebon Hawk server!  I keep it open to the public when i’m online.  If you want a key, just send me some mail.  If you visit, let me know what you think!  I’ll be working all weekend, but Monday evening i’ll be around.

You can check out a walkthrough of it below!

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