Last Second Checklist For SWTOR Galactic Strongholds

GSH Procrastination

If you’ve read my recent GSF QQ posts already, then you know I haven’t been logging in as much.  The main reason I haven’t been logging into games as much is that I’ve rediscovered my old wargaming hobby (Warmachine).  Assembling the models is painstaking, and painting them is very time intensive.  But you’ve come to read about SWTOR, so back on topic.  Since I haven’t logged in, i’m not as ready as I could be for the upcoming Galactic Strongholds expansion tomorrow.  Here’s a few things you can do today to get ready, especially if you haven’t kept up with all the GSH news.

Crafting Materials

Old, useless materials aren’t useless anymore.  They will definitely get used in the new expansion.  If you’ve been hoarding them in your bank, it’s time to organize them.  When the expansion hits tomorrow, you will want them around for crafting.  If crafting isn’t your thing, then the GTN will gladly turn them into credits, for a modest 5% transaction fee.  Also make sure to send out your companions for more while you’re online today.

Spring (Summer) Cleaning

Remember those FIVE hypercrates you bought trying to get that walker mount, but ended up with a ton of other junk instead?  No?  Maybe that was me.  You get the idea though.  All that leftover Cartel Market stuff needs to go, and tomorrow is a good time.  Expansions bring back old players, and puts a lot of focus on the GTN.  People browsing for one thing, may come across your something else.  Or you might have just what the doctor ordered for them.  Organize all this stuff in your inventory and bank, and get ready to collect the credits!

Credits Talk, Nerf$hit Walks

Nothing like a last minute daily hub marathon.  Grab some friends, a voice chat server, and some adult beverages, for an end-of-the-era blowout credit fest.  Run from daily quest area to daily quest area, finishing them all.  If you’re pushed for time, skip the weeklies.  If you’re really pushed for time, you can check out my daily quest hub guide to see which are the most credit-per-minute profitable.  Corellia’s Black Hole is number 1, FYI.

You Are Not Prepared

At least, i’m not.  Illidan doesn’t think you are either.  I’d like to know what your last second (because at this point, minute is too long) preparation tips are for GSH.  I’ve got some painting done, but a lot more to do.  And a doggie doctor appointment this morning.  Just a checkup, but I probably won’t get to SWTOR until this afternoon, so i’ll have even less time.  Please, leave your tips in the comments so that all of us procrastinators can benefit from your forward (or quick) thinking!


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