Free Loot In League of Legends

Pretty random that i’m back to League of Legends right?  Probably not if you’ve seen my Facebook posts, but it’s a game I always come back to.  The new Shurima story event is really amazing.  Lore is such a HUGE part of what attracts me to a game, and the F2P model is the BEST of any game I have played.

Kayle Ascension

I’m currently 15-2 in the new Ascension game mode.  I recently got my first ‘perfect ascension’ game using Caitlin, and scored first place on our team!  It was pretty epic.  Moving on though, I wanted to switch gears a little bit back to League on my website also.  The most popular page on my website right now, by far, is the Free Stuff For SWTOR guide.  I decided to make a similar guide for League of Legends.  If you’re interested in trying League, I’ve got a referral link you can use, and yes I do get IP if you use it.  Set up an account, then check out my…

Guide to Free Stuff In League of Legends!

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