Heroes Of The Storm: Choosing Heroes Part One

League to Heroes

Heroes Counterparts To League of Legends

If you’re coming from another MOBA like me, you’ll notice a lot of similarities in Hero/Champion choices.  I’ve played League of Legends for many years.  Both League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm share some of the same abilities, and in some cases, some of the same combinations of abilities.  Below I’ve identified some of the similarities I’ve found so far.  So if you’re trying to decide which Hero to play in Heroes of the Storm, check out the League of Legends Champion descriptions below.  You might find one or two Heroes you’d like to get started with.

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  • Falstad – Think Sivir with Lux’s ult, and Pantheon’s ult and cone attack.  A tribrid!
  • Nova – Caitlyn’s twin with that amazing basic attack reach!
  • Sgt. Hammer – That OP Xerath reach, with massive damage in turret mode.
  • Tyrande – Kind of a support Ashe.  Instead of an arrow ult, it’s an arrow ability.
  • Diablo – Volibear’s toss and tankyness.
  • Brightwing – Kind of a Sona/Lee Sin combination.
  • Jaina – Aniva to the core!
  • Illidan – A lot like Renekton, but with more self healing.
  • Kerrigan – Blitzcrank yank.  And a shield. Ugh!
  • Malfurion – Zyra root, Janna ult, but with a heal.
  • Nazeebo – Annie complete with Tibbers!
  • Valla – Vayne all the way.
  • Sonya – Garen whirlwind with an Amumu bandage toss.
  • Illidan – Renekton/Irelia
  • Tyrael – A little bit like Galio, with a Kog’maw explosion after death.
  • Uther – Kayle, but with a Sion rebirth!
  • Nova – Stealth and Poke playstyle like Twitch.
  • Anub’arak – Kind of a Rek’sai/Cho’gath
  • Azmodan – Ziggs Ult, Vel’koz Ult, and summons pets.
  • Diablo – Nautilus AoE, Alister charge/knockback, Volibear overhead toss.
  • Gazlowe – Azir with Gragas barrel toss.
  • Muradin – Garen heal with Gnar leaps/stuns/AoE.
  • Stitches – Darius with Singed gas cloud.
  • Zeratul – Ezreal teleport, with Nidalee cleave and chase ability.
  • Stitches – Blitzcrank’s pull and tankyness.
  • Kael’thas – Brand.  All Brand.

Some heroes just don’t have a champion counterpart from League of Legends.  They are fresh, new heroes for you to learn.  Heroes of the Storm is still a young game, so there will no doubt be more comparisons and similar Heroes and abilities in the future.  I’ll keep this post updated for you!  You can also leave your own similar Champ/Hero opinions in the comments.  Next week i’ll be outlining what classes from World of Warcraft translate into Heroes of the Storm.  Stay tuned!

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