Comparing League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm

Differences between League and Heroes

Quick history lesson – League of Legends came from WarCraft III.  That’s RTS WarCraft, not MMO Warcraft.  It was a player created map using the map editor provided by Blizzard.  League of Legends owes its origin to Blizzard, and Heroes of the Storm owes its origin to League of Legends.  Kind of a cyclical time travel paradox right?  Well if you’ve followed me here, on Twitter, or Facebook, you’ll know I play League of Legends from time to time.  I recently got into the Heroes of the Storm Alpha, and have been playing that some as well.  The two games are different.  I want to outline what I feel the differences are, so you can decide if it’s worth your time or not.

Champion Strategy

In League, there is a lot of deep strategy.  You have Masteries, (class trees) runes (enchants), your gear (gear), and finally your champions have their own innate abilities.  It’s a lot of layers to build on.  You can create your own unique synergies that are a lot of fun to play.  In Heroes, the strategy is there, but it doesn’t go as deep.  As you level, you get a choice of different abilities.  You aren’t stuck with the same ones each time you play like in League.  I personally miss the extra layer of customization, but getting to use different abilities with the same champion is a decent trade-off.

Game Mode Differences

Summoner’s Rift is League of Legends’ most popular map and game mode.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Go down the lane, drop the towers, then destroy the enemy base first.  In Heroes of the Storm, there is a lot of emphases placed on secondary objectives.  Right now every Heroes map has these secondary objectives.  I don’t personally like this on every map.  Sometimes I just want to burn straight through.  This is probably what I like least about Heroes.  It’s not that the maps aren’t enjoyable, because they are.  The secondary objectives just pop up on timers, and it feels like I have to stop what i’m doing to go deal with them.  They provide very powerful advantages if your team wins.  If they came out with different maps or game modes, it would not be a big deal at all for me.  It’s just a little aggravating for me on every map.

Teamwork Emphasis

In League of Legends you can be a hero.  A hero.  In Heroes of the Storm, your team can be heroes.  Heroes plural.  League lets individual players dominate independently of their team.  You can be king or queen of the killing blows, but still be on the losing team.  The League community puts a lot of emphasis on individual performance.  In Heroes, everything is team oriented.  Players all level up as a team.  When you kill an enemy champion, there is no real clear credit as to who got the killing blow.  Everyone gets the praise.  I like this most about Heroes.  People that play support classes have thankless jobs, but not in Heroes.  Teamwork will win the day in Heroes.  This will foster a much kinder community in Heroes than League has.  League has made a lot of improvements since I first played it, but it still has its moments.

Streamlining Is The Difference Between League and Heroes

If you like depth to your games, League of Legends is a good choice.  It has a lot of that.  If you want sometime simple to play, be it because you don’t have a lot of time, or because you don’t like a lot of complex mechanics, Heroes of the Storm is a good choice.  My personal preferences lie somewhere in the middle.  The ARAM map in League of Legends seems like the middle ground, which explains why I like it so much.  That and the Poros.  I love every Blizzard IP though, and getting to use all their characters in one place is such an amazing experience.  Choosing between them is like choosing between siblings.  It’d be a tough decision.

Which do you like best – League or Heroes?

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