League of Legends Snowdown AKA Poro Explosion

Seeing Poros Everywhere

It’s mildly embarrassing how much I love those darn little poros.  My wife even called me a little strange.  Truth is though, I love doing ARAMs in League, and ARAM is chock full of poros.  You stuff ’em full of little cinnamon rolls and they puff up and grow mustaches.  Cool right?  With Snowdown, there is a poro themed ARAM map.  On said map you not only get followed by extra poros, but you throw poros, feed poros and SUMMON PORO KINGS!  You even get to pick your favorite champ, which is always Poro Rider Sejuani for me.

Poros Hit Close To Home

So i’m looking at poros on my screen, and then I look away…at my cat.

Poros on my screen…and then my cat…

I’m sold.  You decide.



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