Shadow of Revan Expansion Experience

Highlights of My First Day In Shadow of Revan

I had to work on the actual early release launch day, so I was already a day late.  No problem.  I had already downloaded everything the night before to skip the line.  The launcher spun up just fine, and the game loaded up flawlessly!  I was greeted by this nice looking new loading screen.  Lots of colors, and lots of cool characters.  Very exciting so far, A+ from me.

So I get into game and i’m in my stronghold.  Time to head to the fleet and pick up quests, sort crew skills, and spend comms.  There’s that beautiful new load screen again.  I like it.

I had waaaaay more comms than I could use on one character, so I bought some extra stuff for my Trooper.  He’s in pretty dire need of decent gear, being my least used character.  It works out, but I need to get the mods to him.  I think the best way is probably to use the Legacy bank.  I’m a Preferred player, so I can only mail one thing at a time.  Between that and getting the little ‘are you sure’ warnings every time, Legacy bank seems like the way to go.  So back to my stronghold!  Here comes that load screen again.

Ok, back in my stronghold.  Items dumped into the Legacy bank.  Wait, the bank is full.  I need to log to my trooper to empty it because there’s not enough room to hold all the mods for my Trooper and his companion.  Ugh.  One sec, brb.

Ok, on the Trooper now.  Inventory cleared up.  Back to my Smuggler.

Ok, all set!  Time to start Shadow of Revan!  Where’s the quest?  The popup told me it was on a terminal in my ship.  Ok, so…off to my ship…

Alright, quest acquired.  It says I need to do part 3 of Forged Alliances?  I thought I just needed chapter 3 of my story done?  So, back to the fleet?  Really?  Interstellar light speed travel, and I can’t just make a phone call?

…and now Theron Shan and Lana Beniko want me to go to Rakata Prime.  Wow this is annoying.

Flashpoint solo’d.  Nice.  The solo option is boring, I dozed off a couple times.  It’s nice to have for occasions like these though.  We’re all set for Shadow of Revan now!  Heading to the fleet to turn this in…

Wait, I just went to the fleet, just to be told to go to Manaan?  So now I have to go to my ship, and then load from my ship to Manaan?!?!  WHY?!

So what was the point of that?  I’m actually on Manaan for less time than it took to load in, and now i’m done?  So now, back to the ship to pick up the real quest?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Thanks: cash advance

And no, this is not an exaggeration.  This was how my time was actually spent.  I left out the alt hopping (I had to buy comms for two characters to get below 1000) and warzones (did 5 warzones and one GSF, so that’s 12 additional loading screens), and troubles my friend had (game wouldn’t launch, his Forged Alliances quest got reset to stage 1).  This is a pretty conservative version of events, and is the thing I will remember most about my first day in Shadows of Revan.  How many loading screens did you get today?

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  1. brian17356 says:

    HA! Sounds like fun….let me know via email what server your doing…I’m back on EU Red Eclipse, empire. Anyway, took me quite a bit of time to figure out what I was supposed to do. Was confused first, because the Mannan quest had been done before, then off to Ratakka (sp?) and kill the 2 guys, meet Revan – again….this repeat business messed me up. However, Rishi reminds me of either Japan on more like Hong Kong pics….hope to talk soon….Brian

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