SWTOR’s Life Day Event Decks My Halls

Yes please, may I spend s’more?

Just In Time For The SWTOR Holidays

After a lot of frustration with SWTOR recently, my experience up-ticked with the Life Day holiday event.  It’s not too aggravating to complete, it has a bit of mild humor to it, and all the rewards/goodies look good.  That’s a win-win-win for those keeping count.

Fun Event Mechanics

The throwing of snowballs is a Christmas past time.  I did a lot of it last Life Day, so I didn’t do as much this time.  It’s still a fun mechanic – and easy to accomplish by smacking your own companion in the face and then just clicking off the buff.  I ran around the fleet for a solid 15 minutes without getting a single parcel.  I hit Coruscant for the gift Droids, and things got real.  Speaking of the gift droids, the Life Day Gift Droids on Coruscant are another great touch.  It takes all the lag off the fleet!  That’s yet another win for everyone.  The Overloaded droids spawn pretty regularly, and the drops rate is really nice.  I manage to get 3-4 different tree rewards off each overloaded droid.  Worth the time spent while waiting in the GSF queue.

Achievement Rewards Are Respectable

The Holo-trees aren’t phenomenal, but they look nice.  It’s nice that they added new things you can buy with parcels, and that parcels are not bound.  I’m partial to the green and gold one myself from the Overloaded droids.  If they add an item or two every year, this is going to be a stellar event for new players a couple years from now.  It’ll keep them busy the whole holiday season!  The rewards from last year are there still, so if you missed out, here’s your chance to catch up.

Cartel Market Offerings Fight Dirty With Your Wallet

That JO-1Y mount.  WOW.  I bought it instantly.  It’s the Santa-sleigh-with-reindeer of the Star Wars universe, complete with sleigh bell sounds that actually sound like sleigh bells!  It’ll be my mount for the next little while.  The cost seems a bit steep at 2000 coins, but it’s the same as other mounts.   It’s well beyond the Celebrator, that infamous piece of holiday crap.  The Strongholds Life Day bundle on the Cartel Market definitely looks worthwhile.  I will warn you against getting excited about the snow blower.  It isn’t as cool as it sounds.  It confines the snow to a tiny area the size of a medium square.  The icicle and ornament lights are top notch, and the Wampa rug is just lol-awesome.  It’s a good offering.

Good Showing From Bioware

There are still 12 days of Cartel Sales coming up on top of all of this.  I was genuinely surprised by how good this event was.  Between this and the server-queue-announcement-thing, I have a glimmer of hope that better days are ahead for SWTOR.  In case you missed it on my twitter feed, this is the MOST wonderful time of the year.  Get into whatever your game is, and into the Christmas spirit!

What game has your favorite Christmas event?

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