Heroes of the Storm Beta Opens Gives Us An Opportunity

blizz hero closed beta starts

Closed Beta Opens Opportunity

Developers are responsible for the game.  Players are responsible for the community.  Heroes of the Storm closed beta starts today, January 13th 2015.  If you are interested in getting into the beta, check out this little guide.  Going from alpha to beta is a big step.  Maybe a little step for Heroes, because after a month of playing I have only experienced one bug.  I fixed it by leaving the party.  I feel kinda bad I have nothing to post in testing forums.  The transition means more than adding a few lines of code to the game though.  There is going to be a flood of additional players coming along.  This is the best time to start steering the in game’s atmosphere in the right direction.  We can make that happen, but we need your help.

Toxic to Terrific

If you’ve played League of Legends, you know how toxic the community was.  It’s gotten a lot better, but it definitely drove people off.  For Heroes to be a truly groundbreaking success, we need to start with a good community from the beginning.  I have a three step plan to make the Heroes of the Storm community, the best community.  And with the influx of more players, this is the best time to implement said plan.  And every plan needs a good name, so welcome to Operation Good Times.

Operation Good Times

You know, like ‘Let the good times roll!’.  Operation Good Times is a simple three step initiative to make sure Heroes of the Storm has a great community.  You can do all three steps in less than one minute!  So no excuses.

Step 1: Share this post.  I’ll be sharing links on Facebook and Twitter.  Just toss it a like on Facebook, and/or retweet it on Twitter.  Favorites are nice too.

Step 2: Start each match with a hello.  Boost the team morale with a, “What’s up guys?” or “Let’s do this!” or even a simple, “GL, HF!”  Whatever your personal style is, greet your team.  Start off on a positive note.

Step 3: GG.  That’s it.  Type a simple GG in just before the match ends.  ‘Good job’ if you win, or ‘Good try.’ if you lose.  End on a positive note.

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.  Pretty easy right?

Time For You To Make The Difference

Sometimes people have a bad day.  Sometimes they’re just idiots.  You certainly aren’t going to control them, but you can influence them.  Being polite goes a long way with most people, even hateful internet trolls.  They’ll treat you with the same respect you treat them with in most cases.  So encourage others to join in Operation Good Times, then make sure each match starts and ends on a positive note.  This is a new game.  You have a chance to make your mark all over again.  This time, make it count.

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