Level 100 And The Road Getting There

My Experience Leveling 85 To 100

So I finally made it to level 100 on my first character last week.  I’ve chosen to focus on only two of my characters for now.  My Paladin and my warrior.  I enjoy melee classes.  My Paladin has always been my main.  He is the first character I rolled when WoW launched, and stayed my focus for all 7 years I played.  Coming back I decided to try Retribution spec first because I heard it was really powerful.  Confirmed, it’s amazing.  But, my heart lies with tanking classes, so i’m Protection now.

To spice things up, I have decided my Warrior is going to be my main for now.  God I love Worgen!  Have I mentioned that?  At all?  I started Arms spec because MORTAL STRIKE!  Unfortunately Arms is currently all about pressing 3 buttons, and waiting.  Did some Google searching, and lots of people had nice things to say about Fury for PvP.  So I rolled over to Fury, and that’s where i’m at now.  It’s a lot more interactive than Arms.  I like.


So I left off at level 85 in Cataclysm, so that only left Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor.  Now Pandaland was a lot of quest hubs.  A LOT of quest hubs.  Some quest hubs had their own quest hubs.  I was level 88 after finishing the first zone.  While I was not a fan of the stupid amount of quests, I was impressed by the variety of quests.  Click 7 of these, gather 5 of those, kill 10 of that, now fly this thing and drop bombs over there, and so on.  The mini cinematic quests were also fantastic.  I’d still put SWTOR’s questing experience on top, but only because of the sheer number of quests I had to do.  It was very aggravating to have all those quests in my quest log, and then having them lead you in opposite directions.  I wanted to do all the quests to try and capture some of what I missed, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore.


Again, top marks for the variety of quests.  Gather this, drive a vehicle, look through here and watch, and so on.  Warcraft officially has the best variety of quests of any MMO I’ve played.  Unfortunately Blizzard went stupid with the quests again.  I really, really wanted to try and finish each zone, but I was straight up overwhelmed.  Part of my problem could be the completionist in me. I have a mild case.  Still, with the whole leading in opposite directions to different quest hubs, I was a little annoyed.  The last few levels I started heading to new zones as early as possible.  I also took opposing garrisons in each zone for a different experience.  That part I liked.

Is it sad that my followers hit 100 first?

Wild Cards While Leveling

I aggroed a lot.  It seems the mobs are particularly dense in Warlords.  On more than one occasion I aggroed a few too many, and a fellow Alliance player rode by – stopped to look – then rode off into the sunset as I waved my middle finger at them.  I don’t recall the community being that bad in WoW.  Fighting over mineral nodes, sure, but leaving someone to die?  Also, since I am on a PvP server, there was some ganking.  While I was level 96, I had four level 100 horde trying to camp me.  Count ’em, FOUR!  A priest, two rogues, and a hunter, all from the same guild.  They even went ahead of me to the next quest hub to wait!  While they did manage to kill me a few times, I was able to keep on questing and ignore them for the most part.  It was really pathetic, especially since there were no guards.  Pretty sure I laughed more than they did.

Overall Impressions

At first I was frustrated.  Overall, i’d rate World of Warcraft’s leveling experience positively.  I hate leveling in general, and I had a lot in front of me.  A lot of the monotony came from the standard kill/loot quests, but the variety quests were refreshing and welcome.  I switched a lot at first too until I finally settled on focusing on my Warrior.  I wanted to maximize my rested XP, because I love being efficient.  That slowed my progress of course, adding to my thirst for instant gratification.  My Warrior is 100 now though, and my Paladin is 96 with enough rested to finish.  I’ve also got my 90 boost in the wings, and haven’t decided what to use it on yet.  I’m leaning towards a Death Knight.  A Worgen Death Knight…

Do you have a positive or negative view of the leveling experience in Warlords of Draenor?

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