Why I Portaled Back To World of Warcraft

Everyone Comes Back To World of Warcraft

I’ve always said everyone comes back to World of Warcraft.  In my 7 years of Warcraft, I saw people leave, but they always came back.  When I left though, I didn’t think i’d be back.  But here I am, no more of a special snowflake than the next person.  So why do people come back?  Well, I can only offer you my own reasons for now.  Hopefully you’ll share yours at the end!

World of Warcraft Anniversary

The temporary/new battleground event is all the reason I need to come back to Warcraft.  The nifty Terror of Terran Mill Title will always remind me I got to be a part of this milestone celebration.  It’s been 10 years since World of Warcraft launched.  That’s an entire decade that WoW has been on top of the MMORPG heap.  Ten years is a long time to be on top of anything.  I like Blizzard.  I like them a lot.  I’ve played nearly every Blizzard game since Orcs and Humans.  I approve of their treatment of their playerbase, their business practices, game design, and so on. I’m OK with rewarding them with my money to encourage them to continue along their current path.

Friends and e-Family

I game with a small-ish, core group of friends.  My friends are most of what keeps me playing any particular game.  I love Guild Wars 2, but with none of my friends playing, it’s just not worth it.  Over half of my friends were either currently playing World of Warcraft, or considering it.  Not to mention my group of friends was much bigger when I played World of Warcraft.  Expanding our little core group would be nice.  The more the merrier, right?  There are also some people I used to play with that I wouldn’t mind talking to again.


Man I missed my Worgen.  I love their lore, their looks, their animations, abilities, everything about them.  Normally i’m all human, all the time, in every game I play.  Guess i’m a plain, vanilla type person.  But when Worgen came out, I added a double dose of caramel to that vanilla.  I instantly race changed my warrior, and rolled up a druid from scratch.  I miss that bit of extra flavor.  I don’t necessarily dislike being a human in SWTOR or Guild Wars.  I just like being a Worgen more.  Can you imagine a Worgen race in SWTOR?  Wielding blaster pistols and rifles?  Glorious.  If only.

The Experience Is Hard to Resist

I’m re-evaluating my commitment to World of Warcraft.  I’ve been through several years in other games, and gotten to see a lot things done differently.  I’ve compared every bit of it to my time in World of Warcraft.  So am I comparing everything to Warcraft because that’s where I want to be?  Or am I comparing it because I want to spend my time in the right came?  Probably some of both.  But I’ve compared for three long years, and now it’s time to put myself to the test.  Did I remember everything clearly, or if I was looking back through rose-colored engineering goggles?  Stick around and find out.

What brought you back to World of Warcraft?  Cause I know if you left, you’ve gone back.

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