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One of the most popular guides on this site is my SWTOR Daily Quest Hub guide.  I noticed in recent patch notes that they normalized XP and credit rewards for the Yavin IV quest hub.  Before, it was 30 minutes worth of work for 31,000 credits.  That included all the bonus quests too.  That’s just barely 1,000 credits per minute.  There are way better things you could be doing with your time.  So I decided to run these again, to see if the normalization helped.

Today I ran the whole series of quests without the bonus quests.  I wanted to get the baseline before I added variables.  The time starts when I zone into the planet, and it stops when I turn in the last quest.  It took me 46 minutes and 53 seconds to do it, and quests, loot, and repairs brought my net profit to 99,871 credits.  That’s 2124 credits-per-minute.  That is very much in line with good daily quest hubs.

Beneficial Variables

I was a little rusty, not having played SWTOR in a while.  There was also some UI bug going on that wouldn’t show me my cooldowns.  I think the time would be closer to 40 minutes without those issues, which would bring the credit-per-minute amount up.  I had also managed to accidentally complete a significant portion of the bonus quests.  I had to try not to complete them.  I imagine this too will really drive up your returns.

From Bad To Good

I’ve moved the Yavin IV quests out of the bad daily quest hubs, into the good quest hubs.  I don’t really like spending 40 minutes in a daily hub, but others may have a different opinion.  It also doesn’t change the fact that the return is still sufficient.  At any rate, if you weren’t doing the Yavin IV daily quests before, you can start doing them now.  They’re definitely worth your time.

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