So I woke up after, umm, I don’t really know how long.  I found myself in a guild named <LICH KING FORCES>.  Oddly enough, there were others that joining that had just woken up too.  Our GM was named Arthas, and he was doing some serious zerg recruiting.  He said we could only recruit dead people though, so we needed to kill lots to fill our guild ranks.  COOL!  I LIKE PVP!


As I was heading out of our garrison, I met a guy that swore he knew me.  I’m pretty sure he was making it up, THIS WAS A FRESH CHARACTER!  Anyway, he was in a guild called <ALLIANCE>.   He said Arthas was causing a lot of drama on the server.  Arthas was using <LICH KING FORCES> to grief <ALLIANCE>, <SCARLET CRUSADE>, <ARGENT DAWN>, <HORDE>, and pretty much every other guild on the server.  When this guy was done talking, I started to respond, but killed him on accident.  I must have been staring for too long at the AMAZING RUNEFORGE GLOW ON MY SWORD!  Oops.


Things were fun for a while.  WE CAMPED THE $%*& OUT OF THE <SCARLET CRUSADE> GUILD!  THEY QQ’D A LOT.  IT WAS GREAT!  When we killed them, we got to keep their stuff.  It was pretty crappy, but there are some dumb merchants in our garrison who will apparently pay ridiculous sums of silver for pocket lint.  I’m OK with that.


There was always something happening.  Every time I woke up, some guild mate was sending me off to do stuff.  Mostly it was to #$%@ with <SCARLET CRUSADE> players..  Arthas said they were just gonna get themselves killed anyway, so it was better if we killed them so we could join our guild.  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!


ONE DAY OUR OFFICERS STARTED GIVING OUT FREE GUILD MOUNTS!  WE EVEN GOT A FLYING MOUNT!  IT WAS REALLY AWESOME, except the mounts were not comfortable to ride on.  They were all skin and/or bones.  The flying mount made me chafe.  I decided not to ride him again.  Ever.


One day I started reading general chat.  Apparently our GM Arthas used to be in <ALLIANCE>.  According to screenshots, he had ninjad a legendory sword out of a raid, and then gquit <ALLIANCE>.  So I started asking around the guild, and there were others concerned about he possibility of future ninja behavior.  Arthas had given us lots of free stuff though, so we asked him to talk it out.  Arthas agreed, and EVEN INVITED <ALLIANCE> TO THE MEETING!  NOTHING BAD COULD HAPPEN NOW!


So the big meeting with <ALLIANCE> went down, and we talked about feelings, loot rules, and so on.  But apparently Arthas was using the meeting to PLAN A SECRET WORLD PVP ATTACK!  So we did the only reasonable thing.  RED MEANS DEAD!


Finally after a stalemate, Arthas challenged some <ALLIANCE> guy to 1V1.  This guy must have been a big time raider leader or something, ’cause he had a legendary sword too.  His name was Tirion, and he made Arthas run away from the duel.  That’s when I /gquit <LICH KING FORCES> ‘CAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE IN A GUILD THAT LEAVES PEOPLE BEHIND IN PVP!

Worgen and Varian Wrynn

So now I’m in a new guild called, YEP!, <ALLIANCE>!  Their GM is a HUGE arena PvPer from back in the day.  He also made all the <ALLIANCE> members top throwing fruit at me.  It was a totally ridiculous amount of fruit.  And spit too, but mostly fruit.  SERIOUSLY THOUGH, WHO KEEPS FRUIT IN THEIR BAGS ALL THE TIME?  Anyway, that’s my story so far.  <ALLIANCE> wants to send me to a place called OUTLANDS to fight some guild called <BURNING LEGION>.  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!

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