Make Gold Not War

worgen on tributeJust kidding.  Make war too!  Now, it used to be that daily hubs were the chief way of making gold in World of Warcraft.  These hubs made for epic world PvP clashes!  With Warlords of Draenor, there are currently no daily quest hubs.  Gone are the days of killing two birds with one stone.  PvPers no longer get to have their cake and eat it too.  Or do they…?  PvPers can make decent gold, and with very little effort.  Read on for some ideas.

Turn Honor Into Gold

Spending your Honor on certain PvP weapons gives a great return.  Visit the Legacy Honor Quartermaster PvP vendors in your capital, and buy the Brutal Gladiator’s Mutilator 1H weapons that costs 105 Honor.  This sells for the most-per-Honor-spent.  If you can’t see it on the vendor, sort by All in the top right corner of the vendor window.  This will net you about 615 gold per 4000 honor.

One thing worth mentioning is that it will take 2 hours before you can redeem them for gold.  You can keep them in your bank, or in your inventory, but your character will need to stay online for 2 hours.  Make sure you plan accordingly based on your inventory, and how close to the Honor cap (4000) you are.

Your Solid Gold Garrison

Your garrison is going to be the key to a lot of your gold making.  You have several options to make gold, depending on what structures you have build inside.

Garrison Missions

As you may have noticed, some of your garrison missions offer a straight gold reward.  There are even rare missions that reward hundreds of gold!  Prioritize doing these missions.  You can also do the missions for weapons, armor, and trinkets.  Just vendor the results!  You can manage these missions between arena and battleground queues, so that you don’t actually have to put any time into it.

Bank Of The Gladiator

Dem bones!  Even after you’ve filled out your PvP gear set, the Gladiator Sanctum continues to be extremely useful.  You get straight gold from the tribute, along with Honor, gear pieces, and even the occasional Conquest points.  You can vendor the gear for gold, or even disenchant it to sell as dust!  Use the Honor to buy PvP weapons (see above), and continue to cash in.  You will need to replenish your bones every once in a while.  Just consider Ashran your wPvP weekly quest.  Go in once a week for a little while to collect 420 Broken Bones.  That’s all the bones you need for an entire week!  Just make sure to join the raid, or it could go slower than you’d like.

Salvage Yard

As an aside to garrison missions, if you have a Salvage Yard built in your garrison, you have a chance to get extra bags or crates of loot from garrison missions.  Again, this is something passive that you can do between arenas and battlegrounds.  It doesn’t really take any time to do beyond walking to your Salvage Yard and opening the containers.  Most of this loot can be vendored, and generally you can get a few gold from each one.

Crafting Materials

The mine and herb garden right in your garrison can be used to gather crafting materials.  Granted, everyone has their own mine and herb garden, but don’t let that stop you.  Even if you only make a little bit of gold, it’s still more than nothing.  Some people will pay for the convenience of getting all their tradeskills leveled at once.

 Arena Carrying

I see it in trade chat all the time.  People paying 100g to 400g for wins in Arenas.  Generally this happens in the 2v2 format.  These people are paying for the convenience of getting their Conquest cap quickly.  Now you should be really good in Arenas before trying this.  Otherwise you could be wasting your time, and your customer’s time!

Moderate Your Expectations

Let’s face it, we’re PvPers.  We’re not playing this game to swim in gold like Scrooge McDuck.  We’re playing to kick butt and take names.  If your bottom line is that important to you, I suggest learning how to play the Auction House.  That is probably the single best way to make gold.  It can be done as a PvPer, but it is going to take a lot of research and effort.  Meanwhile, the options above are how I fund my PvP habit.  I have all the enchants and potions I need.  Besides, we don’t really have big repair bills anyway.  We may not have daily hubs to gank at, but we can still earn gold while doing our thing!

How do you fund your PvP habit?

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