If you’ve read any of my content at all, you know I hate leveling.  I’m forever impatient to get to max level.  Not just in World of Warcraft, but in any game.  So, after rushing my newly boosted hunter to level 99, knowing I had that last level until 100 was killing me.

  • I was at 205,639 / 846,300 XP to level.
  • All out of rested XP.
  • No XP boosts whatsoever.

I was looking at the zone map, when all of a sudden something clicked.  I had accidentally completed a bonus objective earlier and remembered I got a crazy amount of XP.  There were two bonus objective areas in Nagrand, and tons in other zones.  I decided to test out a theory for powerleveling my way to 100 through the bonus objectives that I had previously avoided.  What follows is the itinerary of my experimental journey from 99 to 100 on my hunter.

leveling 99 to 100

Step By Step To 100

2:16 AM – I am bored out of my mind.  I want to get to level 100 so bad.  This is my third time through in two months, and I just want to get it over with.

2:17 AM – Light bulb.  Experiment begins!

2:19 AM – Depart Telaari Station for the Ring of Trials via Gryphon.

2:20 AM – Depart Ring of Trials for Bonus Objective Area #1.

2:23 AM – Arrive.

2:34 AM – Finish with 322,175 XP.  Depart for bonus objective area #2.

2:37 AM – Arrive.

2:43 AM – Finish with 410,987 XP.  Hearth to Garrison.

2:46 AM – Depart for bonus objective area #1 in Shadowmoon.

2:48 AM – Arrive.

2:54 AM – Finish with 464,323 XP.  XP sucked here.  Need to try higher level zone.

2:57 AM – Depart for nearest gryphon.

2:58 AM – Arrive.  Depart for Spires of Arrak.

Up to this point, i’m earning 6,553 XP per minute.  Even with the unforeseen XP drop in Shadowmoon.

3:00 AM – Arrive at Veil Terrok.  Depart for bonus objective area #1.

3:02 AM – Arrive.

3:10 AM – Finish with  572,871 XP.  Depart for bonus objective area #2.

3:11 AM – Arrive.

3:27 AM – Finish bonus objective area #2 with 693,441 XP.  Head to Veil Terrok.

3:30 AM – Depart Veil Terrok via Gryphon for Crows Crook.

3:31 AM – Arrive Crows Crook.

3:33 AM – Arrive at bonus objective area #3.

4:04 AM – Finish with 801,463 XP.  I ran into unexpected trouble here.  Depart for Veil Terrok.

4:07 AM – Arrive.  Depart Veil Terrok by gryphon for Southport.

4:08 AM – Arrive at Southport.  Turn in random quest to reach 821,983 XP.

4:10 AM – Depart by gryphon to Pinchwhistle.

4:10 AM – Arrive.

4:11 AM – Begin quest hub.

4:17 AM – Level 100 on first quest.  Additional quest completed as well.

Final Analysis

There are a few variables here.  First, tabbing in and out to write all this down took extra time.  Second, at bonus objective #3 in Spires of Arrak, I got really screwed up.  The quest indicator was in the completely wrong spot, and even after Wowhead and Google, I still couldn’t find the last objective.  Finally, when I got to each objective, there was always one more quest to do in the immediate area.  I also got some exploration XP, so all the XP didn’t come from bonus quests alone.

A few stats as well:

  • It took two hours, almost to the minute!  Weird.
  • By 2:58 AM, I was earning 6,553 XP per minute.  Even with the unforeseen XP drop in Shadowmoon.
  • By 3:31 AM, my XP gain picked up to 6591 XP per minute.  That’s higher than before, despite the bad XP from Shadowmoon.
  • By 4:17 AM, my overall XP gain was 5505 XP per minute.  That’s counting the extra quest I completed at the very end.

I consider my experiment a success.  I think it is worthwhile to do the bonus objective areas while leveling.  You get a HUGE boost in XP for the time spent.  It took 12 minutes on average to do each area, and the reward was 60k-80k XP.  That doesn’t include travel time, but I’m sure you can see the value there.  If I had been doing these as I leveled, I would have spent less time traveling, and saved myself a whole lotta trouble!  Like eating vegetables, bonus objectives should be consumed a’plenty.  All things in moderation though.  Don’t forget to PvP!

2 thoughts on “My Warcraft Powerleveling Experiment”
  1. Although it’s been a few months since playing WoW, I also recommend doing the bonus quests in each area if wanting to hit 100 asap. Just be aware that you will out-level the areas doing so. If I remember correctly, I hit 100 about the 3rd “area” in while leveling. I still attempted to finish the zones because I wanted to experience the story, but was 100 for most of the time.

    Also, word of advice: Head to Nagrand as soon you can. The loot rewards here are awesome compared to the other zones, and will most-definitely help you in the ease of completing the other zones more-quickly. I made the mistake of hitting it later and was sorely disappointed at the loot progression until I finally went to Nagrand.

    1. I’ve heard that Nagrand tip before. Not to mention the one particular garrison bonus is immensely helpful and cuts out downtime almost completely!

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