What To Do Before You Start PvP Modes In Heroes of the Storm

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Gems. Just like what I’m about to drop on ya here.

I’ll admit, writing this is a little selfish.  I get headdesk-angry when I see people do crazy things in PvP matches.  I want to help you avoid my frustration, and in turn avoid it for yourself and others as well.  I will share the biggest things I see people doing all wrong in PvP games; Hero League and Quick match.

Unlock Your Hero

Get to level 4.  Playing a Hero at level 1 restricts your ability choices.  For some Heroes, that isn’t a big deal.  But for a lot of Heroes, maybe even most Heroes, it’s a deal breaker.  Getting to level 4 unlocks everything for a Hero.  While I certainly don’t advocate letting other people determine your fun, you have to understand Quick Match and Hero League are competitive.  People play to win.  Playing with an unfamiliar, restricted Hero is a burden on your team.  You will likely be responsible for the team’s loss, and will probably not be a popular person during the game.  Or get any friend requests after.

Master Several Heroes

You might not always get first choice of Heroes.  The role or Hero you want might not be available in team select.  It’s good to have a few Heroes you are really good with.  This leaves your team more options when trying to build a good team comp.  Being able to adapt to your enemy team’s comp is also very important.  If every member of the enemy team counters your favorite support, you and your team are going to be in for a rough game.

Learn What Responsibility Your Role Has

Every role has its responsibility.  Each Hero type (Support, Warrior, Assassin, and Specialist) contributes to the team in a unique way.  As a Support, you should be with another teammate as much as possible.  Clearing minion waves by yourself is a huge waste of your abilities.  As a Warrior, it’s your job to start the team fights.  If you are by yourself pushing a lane, while your team is team fighting, you are doing it wrong.  Assassins are the Hero killers.  Focus on the enemy Heroes, that’s what your abilities are geared towards.  Specialists are your lane pushers.  They are the ones who should be pushing lanes, and not focusing on enemy Heroes.  Of course, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Be reasonable, but remember you are not going to perform to 100% of your potential if you aren’t doing what you’re meant to do.  That hurts the entire team, not just yourself.

Bring Your A Game

A lot of this is common sense, but sometimes people just miss a detail.  That’s OK.  This is here for them too!  I’ve experienced someone buying a Hero, and then playing with them in Hero League for the first time.  And of course, there’s trolls too.  Happens in every game.  My goal is to keep the community positive.  Fully unlock the Heroes you want to play, master several Heroes to that level, and then remember what your job is.  Having this little checklist done before you jump into your first PvP will increase your chances for fun, and for winning.

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