garrison and levelingThe Best Garrison Setup For Leveling

I have decided to chronicle my leveling experience with my Death Knight in Warlords of Draenor, starting with Garrisons.  Garrisons seem both cool and boring.  I like the idea of a place to hang out that is somewhat customizable, but not being easily accessible by friends and wanderers is just super meh.  As I level up, I plan to share how I set up my garrison.  From leveling, to PvP, to gold making.  Cause with WoW Tokens out there, who wouldn’t want more gold?  So starting with leveling, I introduce to you, the first in my series of Garrison Theory!

Free Follower

Not exactly Garrison related, but an awesome tip nevertheless.  As soon as you get your garrison, you can get a free Pandaren follower.  You’ll get a quest to go to Stormshield/Warspear Outpost.  For the Alliance, Fen Tao is standing next to the entrance of the town hall.  For Horde, Fen Tao is standing next to the Inn.  Just talk to him, and he becomes yours.  Super simple, and you have an extra follower to run Garrison missions.

Small Buildings

The easiest place to start with the small buildings is whatever matches your professions.  That kind of goes without saying.

Aside from that, the Enchanter’s Study is a good choice.  You don’t need enchanting to build one.  It will let you DE all greens/blues that drop on Draenor (91-100).  Each piece generally drops 7 dust, which if sold on the AH is probably worth more than you could vendor it for.  This is especially profitable if you don’t have enchanting, because you can just sell everything.

The Storehouse (bank) is another big convenience item.  After you wander Draenor, picking up items and crafting materials, being able to come home and drop it all in your bank is huge help.  The same goes for the Void Storage option, and Transmog option if you decide to keep it after you level it up.  Bag space is at a premium, and if you’re a newer player, this will help you immensely.

The Salvage Yard comes at level 96.  This lets you start earning bags/crates from your Garrison follower missions.  This essentially translates into more gold, but given the other options available, taking the gold is the better option.  If you end up enjoying Garrisons at max level, the crates are especially worthwhile.

Medium Buildings

An Inn/Tavern, depending on your faction, is a great investment.  Start working towards unlocking it to level 2 right away.  The Inn lets you recruit followers, which will fuel your bottom line (gold) as well as provide possible weapons, armor, and trinkets as you level.  You can hire based on specific needs (Finding someone to work your mine) or traits (treasure hunters for double gold rewards).  You can recruit new followers every Tuesday, so starting early gets you the best use.  Once you’ve recruited every last follower, you can dump it for something else.

A Lumbermill will let you pick up special trees as you explore and quest across Draenor.  This is definitely something you will probably replace later, but while you quest it’s great to have for the extra Garrison Resources said trees will give you.  You’ll need a lot of Garrison Resources early on, and this will help you meet that challenge.

A Trading Post will let you turn in Garrison Resources for crafting mats.  If you really enjoy crafting, this can be a rewarding choice.  Provided you find a way to balance out your Garrison Resource demands.  Having the Lumbermill above upgraded can really help with this.

Again, if you like to craft, a Barn can be nice.  You can trap animals across Draenor (They still reward XP) and turn them into Bloods for crafting.  Pretty straightforward.

Large Buildings

You start with a Barracks, and it’s really the only beneficial large building while you level.  It lets you take one of your followers with you on adventures in Draenor.  Just find the follower you want to take with you in your Garrison, and talk to them.  They’ll begin to follow you around!  Later on, you can set Worgen(or any of the lesser races too) to guard your garrison, provided you have Exalted reputation with the respective faction.

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