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How to Turn Around Bad Games in Heroes of the Storm

Everybody loses.  But losing doesn’t always translate into a loss.  Sometimes the reason you’re losing is small.  You can still pull it together, and lead your team to victory.  This isn’t a guaranteed roadmap to turning things around of course, but it’ll certainly help.

Stop Dying

Don’t push out solo into enemy territory.  Don’t run in 1v5 just to stop the enemy team’s objective cap.  Deaths give the enemy XP, and are potential losses of XP and objectives for your team.  Staying alive helps stop the bleeding, but it doesn’t heal the wound.  Below I have outlined some tips to help you stem the tide of deaths.

Avoid XvX Engagements

The enemy team is probably higher level than you.  1v1,2v2, etc are no longer fair odds. Group together and just poke.  Do what damage you can, but hold back behind walls or towers.  You and your team need help to even the odds.  Look for ganks.  Try to 5v1, 4v2, and so on.  Once you start picking off the enemy team, it gets easier and easier to gank the rest.

Stay Together

Stay together as a team, win as a team.  Blizzard bills this game as a ‘team brawler’, team being the operative word.  People working together can accomplish much more than people working separately.  It’s true in real life, and it’s true in Heroes of the Storm.

Hit and RUN

If you’re grabbing Merc camps, or ganking solo enemies, book it to the safest nearby place before you move on.  The enemy knows exactly where you are, and will get some audio cues to remind them.  Find your team, find a tower -just get safe.  See what your team is doing


Speaking of merc camps, use them to your advantage.  Take a merc camp, and then move to another lane.  This forces the enemy team to split up, sending someone to deal with the mercs and you.  If they don’t handle the mercs, the lane will get pushed to their base pretty quickly.  If they don’t handle you, same outcome.  Either way, it gives your team a little bit of time to catch up.

taking merc camps

Start  Communicating

If you weren’t before, do it now.  Start using your pings.  Start responding to pings.  If someone asks for help, signal you are on the way.  If they are battling an enemy hero, don’t make them take their eyes off the enemy to see if you are coming.  Ping.  Let them know help is on the way, and boost their confidence.  Don’t be a nuisance with pings.  Ping a couple of times, and let it be.  If someone doesn’t respond after two pings, they aren’t going to respond to your ping spam either.

The Dreaded “Chat”

If you don’t have anything helpful or encouraging to say, stay out of chat.  Don’t respond to trolls.  Don’t flip out on someone who just did something absolutely, insanely stupid.  This is really hard for me sometimes.  I always try to keep things positive.  Give encouraging words when our team works together, thank someone for swooping in and saving me, and always ask with please.  Just imagine someone asking you to do something in real life.  Are you going to do it when they say please?  Or after they tell you how bad you are?

There Is Always One Last Thing You Can Do

It’s a good mantra to have.  Don’t give up because the game’s gone south.  If nothing else, strive to reach the top of a leaderboard category.  Help another player that’s struggling, whether that’s by dropping into their lane, or sending a ping or quick chat message.  I’ve turned around a lot of games in Heroes of the Storm that I thought were lost.  But staying alive, using the mercs, and communicating with my team has pulled out some pretty epic wins.  It can do the same for you too.

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