My Game Picks For 2015

Heroes of the Storm is currently my main and only game.  It’s a lot of fun, but i’m not sure I want to focus on it.  I prefer MMOs, I just currently don’t have any friends interested in MMOs.  There are a few glimmers of hope on the horizon though.

Returning to old Games

sherman jumbo e2I’ve caught myself considering World of Tanks again.  Yet another game I stopped due to lack of friends.  I tried to join a guild, and it was great at first.  Family friendly and good people.  Eventually they made a guild rule that if you were in game, you had to be in voice chat.  I had to leave.

Star Citizen is a game I was hopeful for, but encountered several problems with the last several updates.  Right now i’m stuck trying to figure a way to use my joystick.  I can’t unbind any keys on my joystick to use as a PTT keybind for Mumble.  The alternative is using a totally new keybind than I do in every other game.  I’d rather wait for more updates.

I have since stopped my World of Warcraft subscription.  I was getting a little bored, although I would really like to do some wPvP.  I just don’t have many friends playing right now.  The one that does plays Horde, and playing Horde would just make me feel too dirty.  I’d go back in a heartbeat if I had people to play with.

SWTOR I stopped due to lack of content.  Nothing new for PvP at all.  Lately there has been talking of maybe balancing GSF, Strike Fighters specifically.  I’d probably come back to check it out, but I don’t see anything long term for me in SWTOR right now.

Guild Wars 2 has an expansion release soon.  The new professions system has me interested, as well as the new PvP content.  SIEGE MODE!  Again, a distinct lack of friends to play with in Guild Wars 2 is why I left.  The expansion will not be free.  I do understand that, I just don’t know if it’ll be worth the price to play alone.  I still highly recommend it as one of the MMOs to date.

Games At The End of the Year

Wildstar announced it will be free to play in September!  I’m really excited about this.  I hated the leveling, but i’m hoping they have fixed it.  They’ve had a lot of time to make some changes.  The end game looks so promising for PvP.  Customizable battlegrounds?  YES PLEASE.  No more waiting for PvP content, just make it yourself!  I’m hoping to convince a few friends to check it out with me.

Of course, Star Wars: Battlefront arrives November 17th.  Generally i’m not one for FPS games, but this one just looks amazing.  Most of my friends are picking it up, so I most likely will too.  I had tons of fun with the original Star Wars: Battlefront.  I’m sure with DICE behind it, this one won’t disappoint either.

Anything Goes

I’ve played around with Fractured Space, and i’m interested in Dreadnaught.  Both what I call ‘space MOBAs’ that are coming soon.  Kind of a cross between World of Tanks and GSF, with MOBA style play.  I think Fractured Space needs some work, so i’m not sold on it yet.  With the Steam summer sale coming(June 11th?), who knows what i’ll find.  I have my eye on Warmachine: Tactics.  I play the tabletop version, and could be convinced to purchase this online version at the right price.  And Black Friday sales for 2015 will also bring some hard to resist options.

5 thoughts on “My 2015 Playbook”
  1. Should’ve added… Rift is FTP after you buy the game. It used to have a monthly sub but switched to a cash store system that has really cool stuff for personalizing (mounts and pets, but also the player housing stuff, and endless transmogs). EoS is FTP, and has a very limited cash store.

  2. I’m sorry, we abandoned you, didn’t we? It’s just hard to be motivated to play much of anything when it’s summer and we’re rarely home because the outside world is green and warm and fun. Plus buying new house, yo. Anyway, I’ll add a couple of games that we’ve hoped would fill the WoW void:

    Rift – If WoW could absorb some of the features that makes Rift so awesome, no one would ever leave WoW. The rifts themselves are a lot of fun and break up the grinding – and there are dozens of them. Combined with that are the zone events, which occur every couple of hours and *require* multiple players to defeat; these usually involve closing X number of rifts, defeating traveling packs of mobs, defending wardstones, and then defeating a big world boss. But there are many different zone events. There’s a “level mentoring” system that allows you to shift your level down so that content can become current and relevant (including offering relevant XP). Level mentoring works nicely for the zone events, too, since zone events happen at every level. There’s a “join adventure” button that is sort of like a dungeon queue, except it’s not a dungeon and there’s no limit to how many can join – it’s a series of quests that teleport you all over the world and you complete as a group for XP. You can leave at any time, or stay to get the bonus at the end of X number of quests completed. I think it’s like 7, not that many. There’s “artifacts” which are randomly-generated shinies that appear anywhere in the world. It satisfies the craving for “ooh shiny!” along with collectors and achievement whores alike. Finally, the number one thing Rift offers (imo) is the fully customizable player housing system. It’s as nearly as robust as minecraft in terms of sky-is-the-limit architecture, and you can visit (and rank) other players’ housing, or build guild housing. As a final pro point, the UI is fully customizable and there are addons you can use, though not nearly as many as WoW has.

    As a downside, the questing system in Rift is downright dumb. It was enough to prevent us from leveling through the latest xpac (we’ve had Alora & Zan toons there since launch, but WoW always pulls us away). The stories are good, but the design is just fail. “Kill 10 of these and 14 of those. Now go back and kill 10 more of those you already killed, oh, and also use this thing on those mobs, but it will prevent you from getting kill credit.” It’s just annoying as hell. We also never really enjoyed the dungeon process; healing was not as intuitive nor complete as the WoW system I’m used to, although I think it’s supposed to be as comprehensive, and tanking (in Zan’s words) is dull, since you’re just a big sponge. We never ran into the trolls that WoW’s dungeon system is plagued by, but the dungeons just weren’t… fun. We never got into the raiding, because we didn’t have enough time to invest in the game and disappear from it for months on end, so I can’t assess that, but there were solid raiding guilds like in WoW. It’s also amusing to listen to the Rift community compare/dis WoW, while the WoW community never even mentions Rift. I’m not sure most of them even know about it, lol.

    Echo of Soul – This is just now in open Beta as of last week (first week of June), I think? Zan heard about it and suggested we try it, since it’s supposed to be WoW-like. And it’s neat. Character creation is severely limited – 5 classes, all gender-specific (2 male, 3 female), and I’m not personally keen on that type of character anime, but the world itself is very nice. The UI is highly customizable, using keybindings for all keys plus mouse – a feature that makes or breaks a game for me. The classes seem fun and a bit OP at the start, which is always fun. The hunter feels almost like D3’s demon hunter, which was appealing to me, but it also has a Bard option, which is neat. The best part is the storytelling, which is humorous without being stupid. We didn’t get very far in the few hours we played last week, but we already ran across a solo instance and some minor world mobs. Seems fun, but not quite as engaging as WoW. Also, it breaks up the game world into instances, which may be to support the potential masses of an MMO crowd? I don’t know, there aren’t that many people playing yet, and instancing the general world makes it feel… clunky, less fluid. We’ll probably keep playing it every now and then, just to see what endgame is like.

    1. In WoW our interests are literally on opposite ends of the spectrum. I didn’t get to hang out with you guy(s) much. One friend had a baby, another started playing Warframe, another had school/finals/moving, and another plays Horde. Which, IMO, is worse than being a PvEer(kidding(not really)). Just one of those perfect storms of nobody to play with. I also didn’t really want to commit to rebuilding a new network of friends in a game I was really just trying out again, and not sure I wanted to stick with. With Heroes of the Storm being pretty fun, I’ve just invested more in an IRL hobby with the ‘spare time’.

      I’ll see what comes up. EverQuest Next went dark all of a sudden. Camelot Unchained looked interesting, but I really haven’t been following it. TO BE CONTINUED…

  3. I’m currently hooked on SWTOR, but I’m more of a PvE player than a PvP player. I’m actually taking advantage of the 12x xp (for subscribers) for class missions, allowing a player to do ONLY class story missions up to level 55. I’m 2 classes away from having them all finished, but I just can’t seem to stop playing my Jedi Knight (level 60). I’m actually doing the HK parts at the moment, and have the last HM Flashpoint to do. Going to try and solo it (I’ve read that it can be done at 60 in 186 gear). It’s really fun going through the FPs for the story. Battle of Illum and The False Emperor were really fun, and that final fight with the “False Emperor” was really cool, I thought.

    I really like the Shadow of Revan expansion thus far. It’s been really well-done. I’m still on Rishi, but I think it’s really cool. I especially like the change in mission pickup, substituting non-cutscene mission gathering for “generic” missions. It seems to create more focus and importance on story missions, in my opinion. Looking forward to continuing playing in The Old Republic.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the expansion. I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on Reddit. I personally don’t like it, but I have only done Rishi and Yavin. None any of the latest update stuff. Ziost I think?

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