Free Hearthstone Packs For Amazon Users

Kindle Users Get Some Blizzard Goods

I bought something from Amazon a few weeks ago on my phone.  A few days ago, I got this in my email:

hearthstone packs free amazon kindle

It definitely said Traitine too.  Just stay with me.

ANYWAY, notice it also includes in-app items.  That means Hearthstone packs!  I did some e-digging and found that others also have gotten this promo.  Seems legit.  That was where I actually found people buying Hearthstone packs with it.  So far I haven’t gotten it to work on my regular old Android phone.  I think you probably need to have an Amazon phone or Kindle tablet.

I just wanted to pass this on in case you too get this email, and have an Amazon Kindle(Fire).  Enjoy!

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