Looking Into Wildstar Free to Play Early

Wildstar free to play doesn’t officially launch until later this fall.  Rumors say anything from August to November.  When I first got the email, I was a little excited.  It brought back a lot of memories from my Wildstar experience.  Wildstar is doing a lot of things right in the MMORPG space.  I stopped because of a horribly slow leveling experience, and a lack of friends to play with.  I’ve done some reading and found some praise for the changes made to streamline the experience.  I’ve also gotten a few friends interested, and others a little lukewarm on the idea.  I’ve got a little selling to do, for sure.  Hopefully Wildstar is worth it.

Meanwhile, i’m deciding exactly how I want to re-start Wildstar.  So I have started piecing together the steps to take.  First up is buying/trying Wildstar now.  Copies have been going for as low as $1 during E3 earlier this year.  There’s also a 10 day trial for new or returning players.  I’ve spelled it all out in a startup guide for my friends, and you!  I’ll be talking a little bit more about my decision on Twitter and Facebook in the coming weeks.  Feel free to talk to me about Wildstar.  Whether you are going to try, or if I should or shouldn’t.


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