Wildstar’s Warplots: Why I Exist


Plotting For War…plots

I have two sides to my online gaming self.  A light side, and a dark side.  The light side is of course my love of PvP.  My newly discovered dark side is playing dollhouse AKA decorating player housing.  Warplots involves both of these and more.  Warplots are Customizable 40v40 battlegrounds.  No more waiting for new PvP maps from devs, just make your own!  Kind of.  None of this is new, Wildstar has been out for over a year now.  Some people just don’t know much about it.  I want to see Wildstar succeed because there’s a lot to like.  Warplots are only part of it.

Warplots: The Great Uniter

As I mentioned already, Warplots involve PvP and planning.  Similar to SWTOR’s housing system, there are designated areas for you to drop turrets, nets, fences, or whatever.  You can do it differently each time.  In addition there are deployables, like mines, for you to drop freely throughout the map.  Where do you get all these items to plug in and deploy?  Everywhere.  Crafting, adventuring, and if you’re lucky enough to have a PvE friend that raids – you can drop a little raid boss surprise on your enemies too!  There’s something in Warplots for everyone.  Literally.

Focusing On Warplots

My main reason in returning to Wildstar is Warplots.  Warplots are why I tried Wildstar in the first place.  Free players can join Warparties right out, and will be able to unlock the ability to create Warparties through loyalty perks.  I will be focusing on getting Warparties going regularly.  I’d like to put together a guild completely focused on Warplots.  As more is announced, i’ll be sharing my plans.  So if you’re interested in Wildstar too, check back, and/or chat me up on Twitter and/or Facebook.  Tell me about your plans for Wildstar!

Click here if you’re want to check out Wildstar before F2P.

3 Replies to “Wildstar’s Warplots: Why I Exist”

  1. Have you actually been able to play warplots? Because from what I read they sounded like a cool concept but apparently in practice there are never enough people queueing to actually play them unless someone specifically organises an event.

    1. Nope, I never hit max level. From what I understand right now, they only pop during peak times. I’m hoping the F2P launch changes that. Are you interested in trying Wildstar? I actually need to update this post, but my friends and I decided to give it a shot this coming weekend. We’re going to use the 10 day free trial starting Thursday night. I’d love to have you try it with us!

      1. Thanks for the offer, but it’s very much not my cup of tea, what with the action combat, weird (to me) sense of humour etc.

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