making gold with garrisons

The Best Garrison Setup For Making Gold

Continuing with my Garrison series, we come to the ‘end’ so to speak.  Once you’ve leveled up, it’s time to pick a focus for your garrison.  You can focus on PvP like we talked about previously, or more towards increasing your wealth.  Specifically, gold.  With the WoW Token out now, there is a lot of focus on gold farming.  Seems comical to me, working in-game, so you don’t have to work out-of-game to fund your WoW subscription.  Of course, there are other uses for gold too.

Small Buildings

Profession buildings are good if you want to sell crafted items.  They’ll help you produce the mats you need faster.  This of course depends on your chosen crafting profession.  Additionally, the Enchanter’s Study can help you disenchant items and sell the dust on the auction house.

The Storehouse (bank) is a big help.  It keeps all your auction house items nearby, instead of having to zone in, out, and running back and forth.  This will REALLY work well if you have a Trading Post, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

The Salvage Yard comes at level 96.  This lets you start earning bags/crates from your Garrison follower missions.  Depending on what comes out of the bags, you can vendor it, disenchant it, or maybe sell it for transmog purposes on the Auction House.

Medium Buildings

An Inn/Tavern, depending on your faction, is a great investment.  Start working towards unlocking it to level 2 right away.  The Inn lets you recruit followers, which will soothe your gold fever.  You can hire based on specific traits, in this case Treasure Hunters for double gold rewards.  You can recruit new followers every Tuesday, so starting earlier is better.  Once you’ve recruited every last follower, you can dump it for something else.

A Lumbermill will let you pick up special trees as you explore and quest across Draenor.  This is definitely something you will probably replace later, but while you quest it’s great to have for the extra Garrison Resources said trees will give you.  You can spend the resources at your Trading Post, buying crafting mats and selling them on the Auction House.  If you’re using crafting to make gold, this a must have.  Access to an Auction House from the comfort of your own Garrison.  A Barn can also help with making crafted items.  You can trap animals across Draenor (They still reward XP) and turn them into Savage Bloods for the higher end crafted pieces.  Alternately you can just sell the Savage Bloods as well.

Large Buildings

You start with a Barracks, and it’s the only large building useful for making gold.  It’s only indirectly beneficial at that.  It increases the amount of followers you can have active by 5.  That’s huge.  Of course, you’ll want 5 more Treasure Hunters.  There’s also the benefit of having one of your followers on adventures with you in Draenor.  This could also indirectly cut down on repair bills, which could save you gold?  It’s a bit of a reach, but it’s still beneficial.

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