garrison setup for pvp

The Best Garrison Setup For PvPing

Continuing to chronicle my Garrison experience in Warlords of Draenor, i’m experimenting with Garrison setups.  Garrisons seem both cool and boring.  I like the idea of a place to hang out that is somewhat customizable, but not being easily accessible by friends and wanderers is just super meh.  From leveling, to PvP, to gold making.  With WoW Tokens out there, who wouldn’t want more gold?  So I introduce to you, the next in my series of Garrison Theory the PvP Garrison!  Most of the focus here is on gold making since PvP isn’t a big gold producer for the most part.  There are some buildings that provide good benefits to PvP though.

Small Buildings

The Enchanter’s Study is great for DEing the PvP gear you get from your Gladiator Sanctum, or any other blues or greens you acquire.  Make sure to check the Draenic Dust prices on your server first.  You can expect ~7 dust per piece.  Profession buildings are also viable too if you want to level a particular crafting skill, or focus on crafting items.  I’ll also recommend the Engineering Works because Engineering is the best profession for PvP.  The Storehouse (bank) is a convenience, but not necessary since Stormshield/Warspear is a quick portal away at level 100.  Finally, once you hit level 96, the Salvage Yard is a must have.  It’s a great way to boost your gold income through trash items, popular transmog items, as well as BoE blues and purples you get occasionally.

Medium Buildings

There aren’t a lot of medium buildings specifically useful for PvP.  The Inn/Tavern is the single best building for keeping the gold flowing.  The treasure hunter missions, and ability to recruit treasure hunting followers, are all tied to the Inn/Tavern.  The Trading Post can be used to convert Garrison resources to crafting materials.  Once you build everything, you don’t have a lot of uses for Garrison Resources.  This is a good way to burn them and turn a profit.

Large Buildings

The large buildings are where you will see the biggest impact in PvP.  World PvP in particular is most impacted, with Ashran next in line.  The Gladiator Sanctum is a must-have because it gives you various benefits while you are on Draenor.  Damage reduction at low health, no longer needing to breathe underwater, and so on.  The Barracks gives you the ability to summon one of your followers to help you fight.  This is a great way to turn the tide on an enemy that has surprised you in the wilds!  The Stables let you travel faster on a mount.  This is good for both chasing someone down, as well as escaping a fight where you are outnumbered.  Finally the Mage Tower is great for getting around Draenor.  Join the WorldDefense channel, and you can hop around Draenor quickly and easily.  Get to that friend being ganked sooner than later!


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