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Has Carbine Tamed Wildstar Yet?

I recently returned to Wildstar via the 10-day free trial.  As a previous subscriber, the trial was actually 10 days of game time, not 10 days of a trial account.  I got several friends to try it with me, so all my experiences would be directly related to the game itself – and not a lack of fun without friends.  I feel like I got a good sample of the game Wildstar is today.

What I like about Wildstar 2.0

A lot of the old things I liked about Wildstar are still there.  The game’s atmosphere is fun.  It’s light-hearted, silly fun.  The opposite of the intense stories of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It just does not take itself seriously.  I love the opportunity to experience something different.  I still like me some serious, but I can best describe it as refreshing.  The music is also some of the best.  Wildstar and Guild Wars 2 are the only MMOs that I leave the music on while playing.  Of course the Chua are still the master race, and the taxi driver monologue is hilarious.  One of the crown jewels of Wildstar is still the level-up announcer.  Man I love leveling up.

Of course after a year, the game has changed a lot.  There were some new additions that I liked.  The biggest addition I found in Wildstar was a new dungeon called “Protostar Games”.  If you’ve read about anything I’ve ever written on my site here, I hate PvE.  I &^#@*!$ hate PvE.  This dungeon though?  Protostar Games is the most fun dungeon I’ve done in any MMO.  I’ve done it two or three times, and I can’t wait to go again.  Going into the dungeon, it’s like you’re playing a new game with your friends.  As you progress, the dungeon teaches you how to play the game (Wildstar).  It’s an introduction to bosses, aggro, and general PvE mechanics.

One other big change I want to mention is mentoring.  I cannot stress how important this is to me in a game.  I don’t want to introduce a friend to the game, and have to start over myself.  I can take my current character alongside them, and still get XP myself.  Great change.

What I (still) Don’t Like About Wildstar 2.0

One of the biggest drawbacks to Wildstar at launch was leveling.  It was slower than I liked, and just not an enjoyable experience.  I feel like leveling has gotten a little faster.  The quest UI is a big obstacle.  It is super cluttered and confusing.  It has been updated since launch, and is better than launch, but it’s still a few revisions from “good”.  Their gear system is a little confusing, and the crafting system just makes my head explode.  I haven’t messed with either system very much, so it could be just me.  Either way, gear and crafting is not new player friendly.

Big Changes Coming

There’s a huge balance pass coming in Drop 6 for Wildstar.  Of course Wildstar is also going Free to Play, which is what spurred me towards this trial to begin with.  Some of the new in-game mounts, clothes, etc are looking pretty sweet too.  I think Wildstar is a better game now than at launch.  I also think Wildstar will be a better game than it is now when Drop 6 hits.  I have a lot going on IRL right now, but that’s the only reason I didn’t subscribe past the trial.  I have a box copy ready for a 30 day sub when F2P gets closer to hitting, and I plan to continue playing through F2P.  Overall, I recommend trying Wildstar.  Gamestop has box copies in store for $9.99, and there are still some selling on eBay (affiliate link) you can get for less. (If you see the ‘best offer’ option for a game key, those are people who probably got the code for $1 off Humble Bundle in June 2015.  They were selling for ~$5 last month.)  It’s a great change of pace for us super-serious MMORPG gamers.  At least level up a few times.

Post your recent experiences in Wildstar below, good and bad.

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