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Is The 90 Boost Worth It?

Since coming back to WoW, i’ve started two new characters; A Death Knight and a Hunter.  Warlords of Draenor has brought an unusual addition to the WoW store.  The new level 90 character boost lets a brand new player jump to the end game content instead of experiencing the game’s natural progression curve.  It also lets a veteran player pick up a character that they may have parked during a previous expansion.  This could be good and bad at the same.  It is pretty close to letting someone buy a max level character.  It’s also the next best thing if you’ve already leveled too many characters, and don’t want to level anymore.  I’m still leveling the Death Knight through content, but I boosted the Hunter.  I’ve gotten some perspective on both systems now, especially given the little experiment I mentioned last week.  If you’re considering using a boost, read on.  I’ll go over the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Pros Of Using The 90 Boost

World of Warcraft has a bit of a grindy leveling experience.  I’ve probably done the lower areas leveling at least 7 times.  Being able to skip over those areas can be a game changer.  I hate leveling, so a 90 boost is certainly an option.  There’s also the benefit of catching up to a friend.  When my friend started World of Warcraft, I had to create a new character to level with him.  Again, I hate leveling.  With a 90 boost though, my friend can catch right up.  A third benefit to the 90 boost is your garrison.  The garrison has a few advantages.  Not only does it let you level any tradeskill from level 1, but you can also stockpile ore and herbs to sell or craft with.  It’s an amazing asset to have as a brand new player, or as someone wanting to re-level tradeskills.  Finally, $60 is a decent price for what you get.  Just figure how much you earn an hour at work.  At $10 an hour, that’s 6 hours.  You’ll spend a lot more than 6 hours getting to level 90.  That is, if you have the money.

Cons Of Using The 90 Boost

The most obvious drawback of the 90 boost is the cost.  You’ve paid $50 for the expansion, and now you have to pay $60 for the boost?  That’s more for the boost than for the whole game!  Another downside to the 90 boost is not learning your abilities properly.  I only know about 5 abilities on my new hunter.  There are probably at least twice as many available to me.  As you progress in levels, you add skills and learn how to chain them together.  With a 90 boost, you are basically given a car to drive without any instructions.  While it won’t be a permanent downside, it can add a lot of frustration at first.  Lastly, you’ll miss some epic moments.  There are some really, really fun quests to experience while you level.  Wrath of the Lich King has some truly spectacular quests.  The very first or second quest you puts you in contact with an iconic piece Warcraft’s history.  Towards the end of WotLK there is a quest where you jump from flying mount to flying mount battling NPCs!  One of my favorite quests ever.  There’s also some striking scenery.  Allerian Stronghold from the Burning Crusade expansion stands out for me as a moment where I paused to take in the view.  Even though I hate leveling, I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

To Boost Or Not To Boost

That is the question!  The decision is really up to you.  Everyone has different gaming preferences and tolerances.  There’s no right or wrong answer of course.  I’d say if you have the disposable income, boosting a character isn’t a bad idea.  If you can’t afford it, no worries.  You’re going to get exposed to some awesome quest mechanics and story!  Either way, you still win!  World of Warcraft has stayed on top of the MMORPG pile for a reason.  And it’s not because of making cash grabs.  I enjoyed the boost to my Hunter immensely.  I’d still be leveling him otherwise.  I’m also enjoying the Wrath content on my Death Knight.  The free boost was certainly nice, but I don’t think i’ll buy a second one.

What are other pros or cons to using a 90 boost?

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