The Wild Life: Server Dilemma For PvPers

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Wildstar F2P Sorta Forces Players To Gamble On PvP Servers

Ever seen the word ‘sorta’ used in a header?  Eh?!  Anyway, I was happy to see the announcement that Wildstar’s F2P finally hits September 29, 2015.  I’ve got my box code ready to apply for all the extra goods, and a little game time before that.  Which is actually pretty handy considering the end of their free server transfers.  All server transfers will cost $20 once F2P launches.  I don’t like the choice this forces people to make.  For me, of course i’m going to the PvP server.  But I’m a returning player with not nearly as much invested in the game as Wildstar Veterans.  That still doesn’t stop me from talking about it with you though!

Veteran Wildstar Players Need Time

Currently, by every account I have seen since looking back into Wildstar, the PvP servers are dead population-wise.  So people can either gamble, and hope the PvP servers make a comeback, or settle for the PvE server and hope that PvP happens there too.  That’s a really big decision.  Moreso for veterans of Wildstar, who’ve invested time and money into the game.  Lots of time and money.  These are the people this hurts most.  There needs to be a couple of weeks for people to see how things shake out.

Of Course I Plan To PvP, Duh

I have two characters, a 20 Spellslinger and a 15 Medic.  Both Chua, of course.  I plan to transfer at least one to the PvP server.  I really, really want warplots.  I’ll be talking with my friends to see what they want to do.  Without friends, i’d be right back where I started more or less.  Leave your own server plans in the comments.  Then read this amazing poem that I totally wrote myself.  With help from a ghost.

To PvP, or not to PvP–that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The swords and lasers of other players,
Or to take arms against a sea of computers
And by opposing end them. Then fall asleep–

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