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Arena Living

Sorry this is two days late. I’ve been having so much fun with Total War: Arena that I have been slack in actually doing ANYTHING else. I have been streaming nearly every day I have off, and have some great highlight moments.  If you haven’t already, please Follow me on Twitch! I recently broke 100 followers thanks to Lionheart! Thank you, Lionheart! At least stop by and say hello if you see me live.

The highlights are on my YouTube channel as well. I release them piecemeal so I don’t spam my subscribers. Some of them haven’t come out as good as I had hoped, so I am going through them individually. Also some of the settings get messed up in the export from Twitch. Bottom line is, I don’t make the video public until I think it’s worth watching.  So you can Subscribe on YouTube as well!

I’ll leave you with a funny moment I found while streaming. A random dog/wolf just runs across the screen. Too funny!

Other People In Arena

I’ve been playing a lot of Arena with OverkillTW. He’s a YouTube content creator for Total War games.  I met him at the ESL event in LA for Total War: Arena.  I mentioned Lionheart earlier, and met him at the LA event also. He’s also got the (currently) largest YouTube channel for Total War games content. I got to play some Arena with him on his stream a few days ago.  So if you like Total War, go check these guys out!

The Total War Humble Bundle is back for an encore! If you missed it the first time, now’s your chance to get nearly every Total War title plus DLC for just $15! Total War: Arena bonuses include a month of premium time, a Humble Bundle shield skin, and a free Tier 5 premium unit of Spartan Hoplites! Plus part of the proceeds go to charity.  WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Also I want to put a quick shout out for the Total War: Arena subreddit. It’s a small but growing community. If you don’t do Reddit, you should.

Coming Soon For Total War: Arena…

I’ve got some guides in the works. My poll over there —> has spurred me into action. First up is a guide to Infantry units in Total War: Arena. What the types are, and what each is for. Stay tuned for more next week!

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