One Reply to “Should you Buy Premium or Convert XP in Total War Arena?”

  1. Now, my average xp happens to be 450, a really good number to calculate with.

    50% will be 225 unit xp per battle.

    I have average commander xp of 200, another really good number to calculate!

    50% will be 100 commander xp per battle.

    For silver, I would say I get an average of 6k a game (I’m blessed by good numbers :D)

    50% will be 3,000 more silver per battle.

    I will say that 5 unit xp is worth 1 gold, 5 commander xp is worth 1 gold, and 10 silver is worth 1 gold:

    225/5 + 100/5 + 3000/10 = 45 + 20 + 300 = 365

    This shows that for every game I play, I will get an average of 365 gold worth of bonuses.

    (Notice that silver here is worth the most.)

    Now to find the number of games I have to play to break even with a 1 month premium:

    17000/365 = 46.6 (sig figs!!!! lol)

    So pretty much, in 1 month, you need to play at least 47 games. Which will be approximately 1.5 games per day. I can assume everyone plays at least 2 games per day. It will be really easy to break even.

    Like I said earlier, silver is worth the most. Know what you need the most. If you need silver, get premium. If you need xp, I suggest simply converting.

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